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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by NeoEka, Jan 14, 2015.

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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could possibly make [Or if one is available direct me to] a plugin where you can create custom items and custom crafting recipes. There are a few plugins that do the job but they are either out of date and/or abandoned. [A perfect example of what I would like is here : but sadly it is long out of date and been abandoned.]

    Plugin category: Fun, RPG

    Suggested name: Custom-Items

    What I want: The plugin would need to be able to add custom items in the game via crafting recipes, Add custom name, lore, enchantments with level customization(all the default enchantments but also new ones such as shooting fireballs, lightning, teleportation etc.), item permissions (you can only craft+equip the item if you have the right permission), the lore and name to use color codes. The items should be easily editable in the config and have an ID number so they can be found easily in game. (So [Item1] would have an ID of 1, [Item2] would have an ID of 2]

    Ideas for commands:
    /CustomItem , /citem
    -Create - Creates the item with the information provided, name, lore, item id (For the Icon) etc.
    -Delete - Deletes the Custom Item (Through a number that the item is recognized by)
    -List - Lists all of the Custom items by their ID number.
    -Help - Shows you all of the commands and how to use them.

    Ideas for permissions:
    ci.craft.(CraftId) - Sets so the player can craft the item
    ci.equip.(CraftId) - Sets so the player can equip the item
    ci.list - Sets so the player can use the list command - Sets so the player can use the help command
    ci.create - sets so the player can use the create command
    ci.delete - sets so the player can use the delete command
    ci.admin - Sets so the player can use all of the commands
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    Sounds interesting, I hope someone makes it.
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    Same here, It'd add so much to servers for players without their own devs.
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    Can't add crafting recipes though.
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    I would use Ils as I already have craftbook. But I want the items to be created with the custom enchantments, not added later.
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    Yes you can,
    After creating an item type /rpgitem [item's name] recipe and then you can create your own recipe
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    CraftBook actually can handle everything, from enchantments to lore to custom names to even custom data (like colored armor or firework meta.
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