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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by lucasbuck, Jan 13, 2014.

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    I don't know what could be causing this. If I'm working in Phatloot or RPG Items 2 and creating custom items, with lore and such, it will work fine. Then something clicks and it's like my GUI zooms in. Everything is bigger, if I hover over an item the description box is so big its cut off by the edge of the screen and you can't read anything. Anyone ever saw that or any ideas?

    Actually, the more I experiment, it seems it's just the window that tells about the item that's blowing up really big. Does that point to anything?

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    Could you provide some screenshots of this occurrence? I find it a bit difficult to understand what you mean exactly.
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    Here you go. It seems the GUI fluctuates back and forth, which is probably from me alt tabbing. The first shot is with GUI set to auto. The second is GUI set to normal. Either way, it cuts off. At first I thought it was the durability bar that phatloot puts in, but this first shot is using Lores. Thanks for any fix. I'm running an edu server for my 5th graders and wanted to put in historical items.

    Above is the GIU set to automatic. But even if I set it to normal, this is what I get.[​IMG]
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    Whoa...What version are you using?
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    It's not the version you should be worried about, you need to format your lore by using multiple lines instead of typing it all on one. You just have to go by trial and error to make it look nice.
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    It's 1.7.2 Thanks for the replies. How do I skip to the next line, I thought it automatically wrapped?
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    lucasbuck What editor are you using for lore?
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