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    Basically, I need a plugin that works in this way. Using essentials I can spawn in items with custom Names/Lore, in this case I am trying to change emeralds to be Rupees with the lore "Currency of such and such"

    In my server, I want this to be the only available means of "currency". Now I know how to give players this item, the problem is I want to configure Sign Shop to only accept these Rupees, but not regular emeralds. This is where the issue comes up.

    The plugin I need would allow custom damage values on items so plugins like Sign Shop can identify Named/Lored items. Aka, I can buy using "Rupees" but cannot use regular Emeralds
  2. Does SignShop accept item & customname specification? Because if you name the emerald "&6Rupee" (ie. include a color code) then the item cannot be just created at an anvil and the SignShop (if possible) would identify it as being distinct from a normal emerald.

    Alternatively check out Gringotts as I believe it already does a lot (or all) of this and uses Vault so should be compatible with any plugins that also use Vault.

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