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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by zds88, Feb 24, 2011.

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    I have been having no luck getting a custom help comand to work for my server. When ever I type /help or /help2 I just get the default list of commands

    I am running build # 432 I believe and the latest version of MC. The only plugins I have is Zenexer's collection of essential plugins V 225 and permissions V 2.1

    The earth2me site says to "If you place a help.txt into the Essentials folder then help will use this as the help menu instead of the default one."

    I have tried that and i have left the txt blank and tried putting a list of commands in it and neither one worked I just keep getting default commands list even though all the commands from the plugging work except for set home and set spawn etc

    Any clues on what I am doing wrong or what I can do to fix this problem so my other admins don't half to ask me so many questions
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    make sure you put help.txt in the Essentials folder and not just in the plugins folder. this worked for me just now.
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    I just tested a server build # 432 with the plugins you mentioned and the custom help file worked for me.

    I placed the "help.txt" file in the "plugins/Essentials" folder and /help, /help 2, etc. showed the text
    that I placed in the "help.txt" file.
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    Was there some kind of specific format that you use in the help txt?
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    As far as I could tell there wasn't a pre-defined format. It will just chuck as much as it can on one page before it throws the rest onto subsequent pages.

    If it helps this is what my help.txt has. It has been formatted to making adjusting each groups commands easier in the future and not to fit pages or whatever but you could go that way if you feel that would be better:

    &bAll groups inherit commands from previous groups. Please visit our forums for a complete list and explanation of all commands/features.
    &b[Guest] Commands
    &c/rules&f - Explains how to view rules/become whitelisted
    &c/motd&f - Repeats the login message (Motd)
    &c/list&f - Lists who is online and how many open slots are left available
    &c/help X&f - Replace X with a page number to view commands
    &c/spawn&f - Warps you back to global spawn
    &b[Member] Commands
    &c/mail&f - Shows how to send/read mail
    &c/msg 'player'&f - Send a private message to 'player'
    &c/me&f - Action command (/me is reading the help pages)
    &c/helpop 'Message'&f - Requests help from online staff
    &c/kit&f - Displays available kits
    &c/kit 'KitName'&f - Provides you items from 'Kitname'
    &c/balance&f - Shows how much money you have
    &c/tptoggle&f - Toggles donator players ability request teleport to/from you.
    &c/tpaccept&f - Allow a teleportation request
    &c/tpdeny - Don't allow a teleportation request
    &b[Moderator] Commands
    &c/kick 'player'&f - Kicks 'player' off the server
    &b[Admin] Commands
    &c/bank&f - Returns you to previous location after using a teleport command
    &c/broadcast 'Message&f - Announces a 'Message' to all players
    &c/give 'player' 'item' 'amount'&f - Create/Spawns 'amount' of 'item' to 'player'
    &c/eco 'give/take' 'player' 'amount'&f - Give or takes 'amount' of money from/to 'player'
    &c/tpo 'player'&f - Warps you to 'player'
    &c/tpohere 'player'&f - Warps 'player' to your current location
    &c/ban 'player'&f - Permanently removes 'player' from the server
    &c/kickall&f - Kicks all players from the server
    &c/unban 'player'&f - Removes a ban from 'player'
    &c/sethome&f - Sets your current position as your home
    &c/home&f - Warps you to home. If no home set warps you to spawn instead
    &c/setwarp 'name'&f - Creates a new warp zone for donators to warp to
    &c/delwarp 'name'&f - Removes warp zone 'name' from being used by donators
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    :) After a litle bit of trial and eror i finaly fixed the help menu and got set home and spawn to work butt im stil;l not sure what i did wrong o well thx for the help and the command list was realy helpful saved me a bit of time

    there was a spelling mistake in one of the commands notice that was bothering me

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    Its the /back comand it says bank or some thing
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    Thanks for letting me know.
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