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    Can anyone make me a Essentials exact copy but the text is Light Blue (&b) and Light Red (&c). The Red would be for example a kit name, home name, warp name, seconds till tp, plugin name, etc. The light blue would be any other text. Heres a screenshot of what i want:
    except the 5 seconds would be light red
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    Im pretty sure you can customize Essentials Messages in the language file. Try playing around with that file, it should also support Color Codes.
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    Yeah watch out for the argument parts. It's just simple arguments. When it has things such as: [0] and [1], make sure to only change it if you know what your doing, otherwise the whole sentence will be messed.
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    Where is the lang file? Sorry if its obvious.
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    1. Open Essentials.jar with WinRar (or something similar)

    2. Locate "" (or your wanted language)

    3. Drag it somewhere (your Desktop for example)

    4. Edit it with Notepad++ (will be much easier)

    5. Locate the messages you would like to change, and save the file.

    6. Take that file and drop it in the archive you opened at the beginning.

    Hope this helped.
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    Thanks! Alot of work though and i dont want to screw it up.
    Does anyone have that file with Aqua text(&b)?
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