Custom equation/formulas for Jobs (fixed)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by nazmax, Nov 5, 2016.

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    Ok so I tried to post this earlier but for some reason experienced a bug where pressing the tab button automatically posts what you are writing without asking for any confirmation :confused:

    I have been working on new equations for jobs experience gain/income. My goal was to make equations where it is easier to predict total xp needed for each level and how much you earn. I think the defaults are more complex than necessary, and I have also removed the feature where you earn less for how many jobs you are currently working, cause I think it's dumb.

    experience gain
    Old: 10*(joblevel)+(joblevel*joblevel*4)
    My version: (10+(5*joblevel))(joblevel^2)

    lv xp to next lv
    2 (20)(4)=80
    3 (25)(9)=225
    4 (30)(16)=480
    5 (35)(25)=875
    6 (40)(36)=1440

    10 (60)(100)=6000
    20 (110)(400)=44000

    then I would make easy things like breaking/placing blocks give 1 xp point. Crafting things maybe like 2 or 3. Enchanting things like 5 to 10. Etc etc

    Old: baseincome+(baseincome*(joblevel-1)*0.01)-((baseincome+(joblevel-1)*0.01) * ((numjobs-1)*0.05))
    my version: baseincome+(baseincome*joblevel)

    points I left the same as income

    xp progression: I just set to baseexperience*1
    cause the old one only deducted from xp based on how many jobs you have.

    Perhaps others can use these equations as a base to come up with their own which works for their individual server. What do yall think?
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