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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Jechto, Apr 5, 2015.

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    Custom crops for prison servers ETC….
    I’ve been looking all around the internet for a plugin like this but I can’t find one. So I decided to make this request.

    The plugin is simple all I want it to do is so you can make custom crops like diamond plants or explosives wheat or like.

    Think what is could be used for in like prison servers.

    So you could

    Plugin category: Prison, rollplay

    Suggested name: Custom Crops

    What I want: I want is so you can type a command to get a seed in your hand named, [What you put In the config]. Then once placed it grow and once it is fully grown [time specified in conig] you can harvest it and a command will execute.

    Ideas for commands:

    /ccrop (for alias for /customcrop)

    /ccrop give [name] [Cropname] [amount] # gives the player certain amount of a crop

    /ccrop inspect #shows some stats about the crop you are looking at like

    - Growth procentage

    - Ticks left until full growth 12056/24000

    - Crop name

    Example when command is typed:

    Crop: Diamond Plant

    Growth: 12056/24000 (50%)

    Ideas for permissions:

    -[cropname] #allows permission to place a certain crop

    - customcrop.give # allows for ccrop give command

    image #1
    Config example:

    #customcrop config example
    Diamond: #customcrop name used in /ccrop give
    Displayname: “Diamond Plant” # the display name for th e crop
    SeedItemID: 295 # the id used for the seed
    SeedName: &9Diamond Seed # the display name for the seed (uses essentials color)

    - Lore 1
    - Lore Whatever, just lore for the seed
    CropBlock: wheat # the block that is used as the crops (image #1)

    Growthtime: 24000 #the amount of ticks it takes for the crop to grow
    Showtext: true #toggels the info about the plant above it to reduce server lag (image #1)
    Diamond 2 10 # a 10 percent chance of dropping 2 diamonds when harvested.
    Diamond 3 5 # a 5 percent chance of dropping 3 diamonds when harvested
    Diamond 1 85
    Diamond 1 25 # a 25 percent chance of dropping 1 diamond when harvested if it is not fully grown
    Air 0 75 # 75 percent of getting nothing when harvested If not fully grown
    Options: #misc options for the seed
    MinLightLevel: 15 #require a light level of 15 to grow
    MaxLightLevel: 15 #the lightlevel may not go above 15 or else It can’t grow

    - farmland # the block the crop can grow on
    - Grass
    - ‘*’ it can grow on all blocks

    When I'd like it by: whenever you want, Just tell me if you begin working on it.
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