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    Most of the people on my server get bored because it is basic survival (factions). But i don't want them to have creative so they can't just destroy all the forts and stuff. So i want them to have just basic building blocks. for them to make there forts and if they get raided or greifed it wont be that crazy of a deal. Help!

    All i want is the blocks. like in 1.3.1 just the block an infinate amount. So just survival with unlimited basic blocks not like diamonds and ore and redstone stuff. And i would like if they had to get it before it is infinate.

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    So do you want everyone on the server to get this mode, or only ones with a specific permission or what?

    Btw, sorry about deleting my comment. I thought of something that might make it difficult but I realized it was something different. So I will still do it. Basically any block as long as it doesn't allow for cheating, right?
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    i want everyone to have it but like mycelium and stuff please dont put in the hard stuff to get just like you know basic stuff. I would like list them for you to make it easier but it is the majority of them so...

    Oh and also dont make it one hit to delete if you can.

    Ok heres the list on what building nlocks not to put on:
    gold ore, iron ore, lapis ore, sponge, iron block, gold block, mossy cobble, diamond ore, diamond block, redstone ore, emerald ore, emerald block, mycelium, endstone, bedrock,and melons.

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    If there is no one hit delete, then it would kinda be bad when someone starts placing obsidian... And in building for any bock.
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    then take out obsidian too
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    Still, any block would be annoying... I would make a toggle for it or something, I would also be interested in the ip of your server :) PM me it.
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    But then when you think of it if someone can just destory 5 times faster with that.
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    I guess so, Maybe I'm not sure if it would even be possible to add gamemodes, what you are talking about could be added as a custom gamemode? :3 I dont know java so I don't know if that would even work :3 Then you can take away/give the player the gamemode.
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    i think this is approached the wrong way, unlimited blocks is possible without changing the gamemode, just fill up the block stack when its reduced.

    OP: do you have any other plugins on the server? might be possible with a plugin you already have on.
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    I am going to try to get started on this tonight. This week and last week I have been slammed with homework so I am not sure if I can do this today but I will try. Just hang in there. :D
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    How about a new sign type that when clicked fills any space in your inventory with certain materials? Limiting players to x amount of uses per x number of hours.
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    I am sorry to inform you, but I am not going to be able to do this as of this time. It will take longer than expected to do and right now I only have enough time to make smaller plugins. Sorry.
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    Why not give players permissions to spawn those items like /give NAME 1 or /i name stone or something
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    Will creativecontrol work with what you want to do?

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