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    Plugin category: Admin or fun something like that

    Suggested name: CustomCommands

    What I want:
    I know this plugin already exists but its not exactly what i would like. I would like it if this plugin is mostly config based. so in the config it you would type a existing command and you could change what you would type to execute the same command like if i wanted /give to be /cheese i would put that in the config. So when i type /cheese [player] diamondblock it would give me a diamond block.
    Also in the config you could have a setting to disable the original command if you set a new one for it. so if i put /mvtp aniceworld it wouldnt block /mvtp but when you type /mvtp aniceworld it would block it. But you can make this if you want it isnt really necessary.

    Ideas for commands:
    /customcommands or /cc reload - reloads the plugins config
    /cc list - lists all commands changed

    Ideas for permissions:
    cc.reload - be able to reload the plugins config
    permissions for all custom commands should be the same permission as the original plugin so if /fly was /waffle then the permission would still be

    When I'd like it by: As fast as possible. i think this should be pretty easy to code
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