Custom CI Page! (with Jenkins backbone)

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Ultimate_n00b, Nov 3, 2013.

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    If you've used Jenkins, it isn't always very.. nice looking. Even after styling it, you just can't get it perfect. Because of that, and that I wanted a custom CI page, I made a small PHP script using the Jenkins api. Just replace the URL with your own.

    $xml simplexml_load_file('');
    $xml->job as $job) {
    "<h2><a href=" "?project=" str_replace(" """$job->name) . ">" $job->name "</a></h2><hr>";
    $xml2 simplexml_load_file($job->url "api/xml");
    $xml3 simplexml_load_file($xml2->build->url "api/xml");
    $xml3->artifact as $artifact) {
    "Latest build: " $artifact->displayPath;
    '<br><a class="btn btn-default pull-right" href=' $xml3->url 'artifact/' $artifact->relativePath '>Download</a><br>';
    (as I use bootstrap, I used bootstrap classes to style it)

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    Wow, that looks nice.
  3. Ultimate_n00b For the first time ever I love the look of jenkins. Good job :p
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    Thanks! Though I do have to say, Bootstrap/Bootswatch helped a bit :p
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    Yep, that's why I thought maybe you only want to show your projects on your website. ;)
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    Now i just need to figure out how to get Jenkins to install without giving me an error...
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    Mine is actually a custom WordPress page. Oh, and I see how you modified it to grab all builds. I didn't put that in, as I'm trying to get it to zip all the files if there are more than one.

    I changed mine a lot, you can see more project details, each build, download each build, see changed files, link to github commit, etc. I might post it on here, once I convert it from my WP page format.

    I changed the code in the first post to add all the different artifacts, not just the first one.

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    Removed CommandsPlus
    Jenkins already zips them: Lookup/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/*zip*/
    Or Lookup/35/artifact/*zip*/
    (Just an example, A simple code change.)
    And im working on a page, If anyone wants the vist it the url is and will change.

    EDIT: Also we should cache the xml files so the site loads faster?

    EDIT2: xXSniperzzXx_SD Need any help installing jenkins?
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    I use WordPress with a caching plugin which updates max five times a day, so I am good.
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    This is awesome, so much possibilities!
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    If you're offering, Then yes, but currently I don't have internet, So about 2 weeks from now...
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    If you're looking at mine I may have broken it. Seems like the caching broke.
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    very nice
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    Scratch that, I fixed it. I'm working on a public version I can release, which contains the things which the one on my site currently has (each build with github info, advanced build info with stuff like changed files and maven repo, zip download for multiple artifacts, etc).
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