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    I was just wondering if anybody could make a plugin that could turn ANY block into a chest, for example, when you right-click a stone block it opens the chest GUI, but make a command like:
    • /setchest - Turns the block you're looking at into a container. (but keeps the look of the block)
    • /setchest [ender] - Decides if the chest is an EnderChest or not.
    • /setchest [size] (The size is the number of rows of slots in the chest (I've seen configurable chest sizes before, the plugin called CompassNavigation uses it.))
    It would be similar to what is on The Hive's Survival games, just instead of using block 33:6, make a configurable version.

    Would be greatly appreciated
    - BoxPossum
    If this is created I can reward you somewhat.
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    BoxPossum I would like to try this , however I am busy ATM, so i will try later if I can, but ATM I can't :(
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    Add me on Skype: The_Xerfox
    I could possibly attempt this but I'm not sure at the moment. Message me tomorrow!
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    I'll start making it right now !!! :p

    Do you have Skype ?
    I've got some questions.

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    Sorry for the rather late reply, I've recently become slightly bored of minecraft due to overplaying 1.5.2, but I'm back now, and yes, I do have skype, just add "joshi_yoshi".

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