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    Dear very kind Plugin makers,

    Plugin category: Admin-tools

    Suggested name: CustomChat+

    What I want: I want a plugin that can let me create a custom chat.

    I want in the config to be:

    #The "%money% variable is showing the money. Link:
    Chat: &7(&a%money%&7) &b%player%: %chat%

    Ideas for commands:
    "/csgc tribute {player}"
    "/csgc spec {player}" i need this command to be able to run from the console on a player

    Ideas for permissions:
    csgc.tribute - The permission to set someone on the tributes chat
    csgc.spec - The permission to set someone on the spectators chat

    More info: i need tributes to NOT be able to see spectators's chat and i want spectators to be able to see tributes chat!

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    Version: 1.7.2 R3

    Thanks In advance! :rolleyes:
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    I'd love to do this, but by "money", are you referring to kills? Also, whilst not in survival games how do you want the chat to look? The tribute way?
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    By %money% i mean the money variable of Iconomy, and for tributes the chat will be in the config:
    Thanks mate ;)
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    woaosodo Do you think you can make it please?
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    I Still Need to Figure out how to hook and Stuff.
    Ill give it a try though.
    Adam hendi =D
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    Working on it. Got something in the works
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    Awesome :) Thanks a lot!

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