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  1. Plugin category: FUN (I think)

    Suggested name: NetherBar

    What I want: A custom bossbar plugin that has coded words (Don't know what they are called) But a example would be %TopVoter% to show the person who has the most votes. I use GAListener for voting I am not sure if you need to know that or not.

    Ideas for commands: /NB reload, %TopVoter%,%Staff%(Number of Staff online),%Faction%(name of the faction your in) %Voted% To say weather or not they have voted today or not

    Ideas for permissions: NetherBar.Staff, NetherBar.Reload

    When I'd like it by: AnyTime
  2. To my knowledge I believe that the bossbar actually break's in 1.8 so when bukkit updates and releases a 1.8 jar, it will possibly not work, just a suggestion but waiting till there is a BossBarAPI released using the craftbukkit 1.8 jar when that actually get's released..
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