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Is it a good idea to have custom biomes to make servers more custom?

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    Hi guys i happen to see a mod called biomes o plenty which adds lots of new biomes to the game and thought it would be good if we could have custom biomes on our servers using blocks that are already in the game. I have seen many world generation plugins on bukkit so they could be spawned in using some sort of world generation system similar to one already on bukkit for example

    How the world generation would be loaded

    /mv create (Name of world) normal -g Custom

    (This is a multiverse command which has been used to load in the custom biome world generation)

    List of biomes that would generate:

    a mix of snow and ice mountains with ice trees (Common)

    Large stone mountains with no trees (Uncommon)

    Waste land:
    Mycelium with trees with no leaves (Common)

    Large volcano made up of cobblestone, stone, grass and dirt with lava in the crater (Rare)

    Large craters filled with lava surrounded by stone, obsidian and bedrock with no trees (Uncommon)

    Large hills covered in netherrack and soul sand with no trees (Rare)

    Obsidian floor with glowstone trees (very rare)

    Large forest containing pine trees and all types of plants covering the ground (common)

    Large underground caves to explore (Common)

    Each biome will have its own spawn chance meaning some will be common, uncommon, rare and very rare (please refer to the biome list above)

    When i want it by:

    When someone has the time to create it.

    Thanks for your time :)
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    Look up TerrainControl! :)
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    I have used terrain control and don't understand how to use it along with many other people who have installed that plugin thats why i requested this plugin
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    You can make custom generators with multiverse you could look into those.
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    I have looked at those and none of them do what i want but thanks for the idea :)

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