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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by jamespaige12, Feb 12, 2013.

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    I know theres gotta be a plugin for this but i cant find it even in the plugin filter, i need a plugin to make a jump 5 speed 3 beacon so if someone could plz make / find one for me it would be great :D
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    Is there an API for the beacon yet? I'd like to be able to spawn beacon light beams without a beacon, myself, but I'm not sure either can easily be done yet.
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    Client side.
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    You cannot make this as a plugin because it affects the client side in the GUI, sorry.
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    What the TS requested is totally possible.
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    Thread Starter? Maybe? But in relation to the thread, you could make a plugin which acted like a beacon and gave players certain effects in a certain radius, but you couldn't change the vanilla beacon.
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    Topic/Thread starter. It is possible to re-create the functions of a beacon, and change them around seamlessly, but right now I think that would need CraftBukkit calls, which is not ideal.
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    I'm just looking for the tall light of the beacon itself, not any of the player effects. But if there's no API for that yet and it takes CB calls that's not good. :)
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    Darkhand81 i need that beam thing too o.o for something like a magic spell (right clicking with a wand causes it to appear)

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