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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by XdarkbeastX, Jan 24, 2015.

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    Name : Custom Items/Armors
    Category : Fun

    Needed : I need a plugin that makes custom armors and custom items also can you add a config so i can disable few items or change how many lightning will strike upon players?
    More Info : Items like these
    - Bow of Light {when shooting arrow Emits a Firework Spark particles around the arrow}{can you also make it with enchantment compatible?}
    - Dark Boots {emits Void Particles around the players}
    - Wizard Wand {Meteor Strike< a ball of Fire Particles hit the target cursor>}
    - Mage Wand {Lightning Bolt < All nearby players(15 blocks away the user)will get 1 Lightning Hit}
    - Archmage Wand {Launches a gold block item and after 2 seconds {lava particle rain down on the gold block item and poisons players that in that area of 5x5 of the gold block item}

    Idea for Commands :
    - /cia get ITEMNAME
    - /cia reload

    Idea for Permissions :
    customitems.use < makes the players use the items
    customitems.admin < can only use /cia get and /cia reload

    When i'd like it : 1 Week 1 day or anything works
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    bump i think its 24/7 already
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    This isnt the plugin im looking for, because it can only make tnt launches or make bows have a chance to explode.
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    Okay. I thought it could shoot particles :p
    Good luck finding a developer!
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    Sounds cool.
    On a side note, Armor is already plural so it doesn't need to have an s at the end of it.
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