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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MineGoldX, Jan 21, 2016.

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    Plugin Name: Cursus

    This plugin adds curses to minecraft 1.9
    What I want:

    Cursed items say positive thing on them

    How players are cursed, the staff on the server can hold any item in their hand and do /cr bind curse, the can also add a curse to a mob /cr bind mob , the must be looking at the mob.

    Standard for all Curse Triggers when a player uses, eats or kills a cursed mob they are cursed.

    Ender curse: Forces the player to hold a block if they stop they suffer damage, the cruse is triggered every 15 minutes after the player is curse, the player is only told that they are cruse when they first feel the effects of the curse each attack last 1min, the curse is lifted after the player suffers 5 attacks.

    Sunburn Curse: This player will burn in sun light and will be unable to place helmet on his then, if they have one it will fall off. The only way to stop the curse is to eat a gold apple.

    Creeper Curse: The player will explode if he comes within a 3 block of a mob or player, the only way to stop the curse is to eat a cake. The player does not damage block, players and mobs when they explode.

    Pig Curse: The player’s food bar will drain 50% faster than normal forcing them to eat more food. The only way to stop the curse is to eat a pie.

    Out of phase Curse: Every 3mins the player switch to a different world on the server from over world to nether, just like if they were using the world command. The player must eat a Ghast Tear to end it. The plugin need to only allow someone who has the “Out of phase Curse” to eat one

    Cursed Item: Whenever a player holds a mining tool or fighting tool there is a 2% chance that the item will 5-10 damage them, if they are killed by a sword a message will be broadcast that they were killed by their own blade. The player must eat 3 Diamonds. The plugin need to only allow someone who has the “Cursed Item” to eat them.

    Next Part of the Plugin

    Curse of The Undead: this one makes the player a resident of the “specific world that you define” this cursed can only be placed on an apple or a gold apple.

    When the player dies the always spawn in “specific world that you define” . You have all the weakness of a zombie, sunlight, fire and heath potion . You cannot use or have a helmet on it will fall off, you will be given a power boost so that will act like you have a pro 3 diamond helmet on all the time.

    Hostile mobs will not attack you, you can only eat uncooked food.

    You have area effect that is triggered at random, it poison mobs and players around you, its a weak poison the area effect is 5 blocks and does half a heart damage.

    If you are killed you lose 5 items that are from the category of tools or weapons and all their exp.

    To end the curse you must eat an gold apple that the UnCruse Cruse on it

    The UnCruse Cruse: Will remove any kind of cruse placed on a player, this cruse can only be placed on a enhanced gold apple.

    Commands: /cr bind curse,/cr bind mob,/twd
    crplayerignore: Cruses do not effect you
    crpallow :Cruses effect you
    crcreate: Allows you to place cruses

    Allows you change change stuff about cruses

    When I need it: Anytime in march
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    Is their already an plugin that can do all of these things or is my plugin super complex, if so I could remove stuff in my request and slim it down.
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    @MineGoldX It's got a lot of features, but none of them are hard.
    The world aspect of the Curse of the Undead confuses me. Could you explain it in more detail?
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    I can give you a working example, a player has eaten an apple and has be give the “Curse of The Undead” The players main spawn point that they go when they die will change to another world on the server. They lose the ability to use a helmet because it would stop them from burning in daylight. To make up for not having the helmet that are given production 3. The player can only eat raw food and hostile mobs will not attack them .When they are killed they lose 5 items that are from the category of tools or weapons and all their exp. To make you ant sociable you have area effect that is triggered at random, it poison mobs and players around you, its a weak poison the area effect is 5 blocks and does half a heart damage. Fire hurts you a bit more as well


    You burn in the daylight

    You eat raw meat only

    You are made ant sociable, with your death aura

    You lose your exp

    You always lose up to five items when you die

    “Heath Potions” harm you

    Fire hurts you a bit more

    No helmets


    Protection 3 on your head

    You don’t lose all your items when you die

    Don’t have to cook your food

    Hostile mobs don’t attack you

    If you every played elder scrolls this is based on your player becoming an vampire

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    @MineGoldX I think I understand. Is the world specified in the config, or is it entered in the command to curse the apple? Also, for the phase command, does the player only switch between the nether and the overworld for the specific world that they are in, or do they swap between random worlds and nethers? Lastly: What MC version are you in?
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    1. The world location is in the configuring
    2.Just the over-world an the nether
    3.I am using spigot 1.8.8 and plan to go to spigot 1.8.9 in a few days

    Thank You
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    @MineGoldX Well, I was starting to make this, and I realized it's ridiculously hard to modify an item in a way that is both unique and invisible, and even harder to just track them all. I wish I could make this, but I can't get past the first part.
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    @pie_flavor So if we removed the "invisible part" can it be done? also If you find something you cant do just remove it.

    Our you could have the cursed items say positive thing on them
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    This one is infinitively interesting.
    And yes, it's possible. I've succeeded in making a disguise-plugin, applying a Mobs logic to a player, so creating the curses itself is pretty easy. Tracking Items/Mobs should be no problem too, because of their unique tagging.
    The problem is, that I won't have the time to code untill the 16th...

    If you really need it on Feb 30 I can't do it, but otherwise...

    Oops, sorry. I ignored all the posts.
    @pie_flavor Do you think, you can do it?
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2016
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    Hi, pie_flavor said that they where not interested in doing the plugin.
    If you would like to make the plugin I would like it anytime in march.
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    uhm, is the "undead curse" and the "curse of the undead" (which you've written in the "next step" part) the same thing?
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    @TheA13X They are two different things however I think that "undead curse" needs an name change to Sunburn Curse.
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    Wanted know how the plugin was going
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    Sorry, hadn't enough time until yesterday, but I still started to make the Plugin. At least the "frame" is ready.

    I had to change some minor things, to make it as flexible as possible.
    a partially auto generated summary can be found here.

    Until now, I only made the plugin structure, the binding and the help dialog.
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    Request changed to run on 1.9 minecraft
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    Any News?
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    It's not quite ready yet, but I think it's functional enough to start an "open beta".
    It will be online tomorrow.

    • All Curses are working with the exception of this "resindence"-thing for the undead curse.
    • Cursing Players and Mobs works. Binding curses to items still doesn't work.
    • the stand-alone permission command is not implemented, but most people use plugins like PermEx anyways...
    • at the moment, the curse visibility isn't implemented, but I'll try to fix this today
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