Curse Has Terrible TOS

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Atomic Fusion, Jan 3, 2012.

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    Atomic Fusion

    This such as "thou shalt not access or it's affiliates in any way that we do not so wish for you to do so" cause me to be totally unwilling to register, which means that my plugins will never be posted in a place that is accessible to the majority of Bukkit users, as the forum system is leaving.
    Just thought you should know!
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    Not to be mean or anything, but what are your plugins? The list provided by the Bukkit forum about threads created by you doesn't contain any.
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    Which of the examples of unpermitted access do you have an issue with? Alternatively, what use-case not mentioned do you feel is valid?

    It just looks like the standard "no hacking or dodgy stuff" clause to me
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    Atomic Fusion

    As they were all written within the last week and the forums submission system is deprecated, I didn't bother posting them.
    Also, how is this relevant? Judging the validity of my objections to the TOS based on whether I have yet contributed plugins?
    What is this, banning adblocking and userscripts/userstyles? I feel that all of these are valid.
    I do not believe that Curse should have the right to:
    1. Regulate the content served by my webserver.
    2. Regulate where a user (or their browser) may position Curse's content on their screen (even if it's ontop of another site).
    "Thou shalt not disable DRM, regardless of whether you are actually participating in illegal activities or it prevents you from undertaking otherwise legal activities."
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    It's ultimately up to you whether you will or will not accept any ToS. If you've weighed the terms and feel disinclined to accept, don't do it.

    This feedback has little to do with BukkitDev, as there isn't anything we can do to change Curse's terms of service.
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    There are lots of people that complain just for the sake of complaining, even if they aren't affected at all, and therefore tend to waste everyones time.

    BukkitDev is going to be the official advertisment platform for Bukkit plugins. If you feel that the balance between respecting's TOS and the advantage of getting the additional exposure for your plugins through the platform is a bad, then it's best to not use it. There is nothing that prevents you from advertising your plugin elsewhere and there exist probably some plugin collection websites besides BukkitDev that you may like more.
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