Curse Client Update - now with Minecraft world management!

Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Nov 20, 2012.

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    Curse has just released an update to their Curse Client that provides Minecrafters with some cool new features to make managing their worlds a breeze, on top of the ease of use and powerful tools it already offers to manage texture packs and browse Minecraft servers.

    Check out the video below for a quick breakdown of what you can do with the Curse Client:

    New Features:
    • World Saving: Each and every world you've made in Minecraft can be backed up through the Curse Client, with the ability to manage your backups through an easy to use interface. A "More Info" tab provides you with quick access to your health, level, the number of items in your inventory and gives you the ability to copy your world's seed for easy sharing at the click of a button.
    • Quick Saving: Every world that is backed up is then quick saved every few minutes by the Curse Client, with the ability to force a quick save by hitting the Escape key and bringing up the Minecraft pause menu. Built an awesome house only to have a creeper pop up out of nowhere and blow it up? Now you can easily click to restore your your world to before that happened!
    • World Syncing: Curse Premium members will have the additional ability of being able to easily and quickly upload their world saves to the cloud, which makes it available for download on any PC you want to play your world on!
    Don't forget that plugin developers that upload their plugin to our BukkitDev service and receive 1,000 or more downloads get a free Curse Premium subscription as thanks for your contribution to our community!

    Don't have Curse Premium? That's fine! Curse will be giving everyone a free weekend of Curse Premium to check out the new Client and all the awesome new features for yourself! After the free weekend is over your saves will be safe in the cloud for a full month, giving you ample time to decide if you'd like to subscribe to make use of this cool feature!

    Download and check out the new Curse Client here and make managing your worlds, finding texture packs and servers a breeze:
    Curse Client Download

    For more information on the Curse Client and what it has to offer, check out the Curse Client website on
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    Awesome i love it.
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    Nice!! i love it:cool:!
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    Offtopic posts removed. "First" is not an adequate comment.
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    Wow. Now I'm going to download Curse :D
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    Never tried it before but it looks cool ;D
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    So who do I bug for Linux support?
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    Nice!! i love it:cool:!
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    J'aime sa m'aide bien :)
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    Be good if they put as much effort as they did into their Curse client into BukkitDev..
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    Or even this support for Mac ._.
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    Bohoot Acha Hai! = Very Nice! :D
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    It supports mac...
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    Not the new features D: We're 4.0 still:(
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    This raises the bar when it comes to Curse's desire for advertising and money.
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    Looks like I no longer have an excuse not to use this. I especially like the cloud storage.
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    The plugin authors who have 100k+ downloads must have.. a long time of curse premium.
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    *getting so close...*
    EDIT: Just counted, 53802 atm.
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    Don't get me wrong the voice Actor in the video here is nice guy for doing this but maybe someone a bit more enthusiastic would make a world of difference :p
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    My favorite feature is how it bugs me on start up of my pc to re install the client. I think I removed it for a reason but yet I still have to be asked if I want to re-install it? :confused: I've seen viruses do that. cursed.jpg
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    I like to think you counted them by hand...
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    I did. It's probably more now :)
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    Ugh, it's the way Microsoft's autoupdate stuff works - to get it to trigger they've probably shoved a shortcut to the .application (or the .application itself) inside your autorun folder. Check there and delete it if it's hanging around.
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    Great! Like Like! ;)
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