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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by elderid, Oct 22, 2014.

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    Ok first off, I do not have much time to really spend on here as I got 3 kids and all getting them ready for school and stuff, but I did try to do some looking around to see if I could find the answer, so maybe I missed it or didn't look enough. I apologize ahead of time if this is a repeat question, and thank you for any help you can provide me ahead of time.

    My question is that me and my wife have created a forge server awhile ago and have been playing on that for awhile (mostly cuse of the stuff that has been going on with Bukkit for awhile and its uncertain future...but I'm understanding that all that should be under control now...). We have worked pretty hard on that server building up what we had done and such. So, we were wondering if it was at all possible to copy that world and everything that was in it or whatever, and create a world with both Bukkit and Forge, or should we just restart or whatever? I really dont wanna have to redo what we have done already, but what little Ive seen of Bukkit make it look pretty desirable. So, if it isnt possible to keep our current world, is there a way to maybe make a copy of the parts we want to keep or whatever? I just wanted to see what all can and cant be done and have it all figured out before we 100% decide anything.

    We might just end up remaking it but Im hoping we can keep our current world since we worked so hard on it. Thanks again!
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    You will need to make a backup of the world, and transfer that to the new server.
    You also need the seed of the world, for the new server to continue creating new chunks.
    And the world-generator needs to be the same.

    The world generator changed from 1.6.4 to 1.7, so if your server is old, you might need to find a solution to that.

    We used the WorldBorder to set a border and fill in the chunks in 1.6.4 before moving to 1.7

    When you go to Bukkit, the directory hierarchy is changed, som DIM1 and DIM-1 gets moved to world_nether and world_the_end at the same level as world. So if you need to go back, you need to move these directories back into the original name and place.

    But otherwise I don't see any problems in this.
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    Alright thanks :) that puts my mind at ease and such. Its been a 1.7.10 so that much makes it far easyer for us at least :).

    Anyhow, I just noticed that the downloading for it is still down cuse of DMCA ... Ugh. Guess I will look around for more information on this. I thought it was back up and that but guess I missread it. =(
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    elderid depending on how large the area you really want to keep is. If you are talking about a few buildings and possibly a spawn and or town you could get multiverse run a completely new world via the new generator so you have new biomes items ect. then you use world edit to copy the buildings. multiverse to teleport back and forth between the worlds while transferring the items into your new world. Once you have done this you could just delete the old world or keep it as a back up but deny access to all but say admins or owners.

    Also my server host is offering a month free trial to people its a crap plan as it is free but I believe you might be able to find the jar you are looking for :p

    nitrous-servers give em a search.
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    If you want to keep all of your mods from Forge and then add Bukkit plugins, you are going to need special server software that supports both. Look up information on Cauldron (previously MCPC+) and that should set you off in the right direction.

    CraftBukkit software alone does not support Forge mods, so if you just switch over to using a CraftBukkit jar file to run your server, you will lose all of your modded items and possibly corrupt sections of your current world map. Make sure that you are using the correct software if you want support for both Forge mods and Bukkit plugins at the same time.
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    Alright ty Jaguar, I do appreciate the help.
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