Cumulative Enchantments

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Javirulo, Dec 18, 2019.

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    Hi! Can someone make a plugin that you can accumulate enchantments?
    For example, you take your anvil and put together 2 Sharpness V's books and it gives you Sharpness VI.
    If there's a plugin that already does that, can you send it to me? Thanks!

    (PD: I play on a 1.14.4 server)

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    Not only with books, with items too (Like 2 Pickaxes with Efficiency 5 gives you 1 pickaxe with Efficiency 6)
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    @Javirulo for all enchants? And what would be the limit?
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    @Jelles You could make the limit configurable, and set it to 32767 by default. (that's the maximum value for a short)
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    If you could make it to every enchantment it would be nice, they all have a max quantity that is 30,000 or something like that, I just need a plugin that can do that but with the anvil. @Jelles

    All the plugins I saw worked with commands (Like "/enchant Sharpness 500") but I need it for an anvil.

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