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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by xOrlxndo, Aug 15, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Minecraft version: Spigot 1.10 (Java 8)

    Suggested name: CubeHomes

    What I want: I want a plugin where a player can have a custom home with a name. Example /sethome Minecraft (The player must include a home name when using /sethome). So.. when the player does /home Minecraft it will take them to where they set there home. (Other players can come to the home) The player may only have one home. And if you can make the messages configurable please do. You can also remove a home by doing /delhome <home name>, example /delhome Minecraft. Also, you can do /home toggle this will remove access to the home for other players. Finally, you can do /homes to get a list of your homes

    Ideas for permissions:
    homes.more -Allows the player to have more than one home. (Default: OP)
    homes.others -Allows the player to delete other players homes. (Default: OP)
    homes.bypass -Allows the player to teleport to another players home when /home toggle is on (Default: OP)

    When I'd like it by: Soon :D

    EDIT: I do not use essentials.
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    Please go to the Bukkit Plugin site, type "home" in the search field and pick one of the millions of results.
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    Yeah, but most of them are outdated, inactive, or they dont work at all
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    @timtower I see you suggest that plugin quite a bit. It did look good, but I've still taken up this plugin request. Tbh I have nothing else to do right now :p

    Also the experience is good, I'm getting quite fluent with the Bukkit API imho.

    If you (for some reason) want to check out my work then you can do that here.

    @Lordloss yes they exist, but he wasn't finding any with the level of configurability that he was aiming for. I don't mind a little extra work, as it will just give me even more experience.

    In case either of you didn't know, I've actually helped this guy before so that's another reason why I'm taking on this project :)
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    Well this request is so simple, you cant really talk about a "level of configurability" :p
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    @Lordloss Actually quite a bit of configurability is possible. One of the simplest and most common examples is being able to change the messages. This is useful for both changing the messages to a different language, but also it's quite important for keeping a consistent theme in a server.

    As an example, I have a small server for just me and my friends, and recently I've put a little more work into configuring it. One of the main things I did is I set a consistent color scheme through all the messages.

    But anyways, there are other things you can make configurable as well, like permissions. When I do plugin requests I tend to make everything that a user will interact with or see configurable, so that the requester of the plugin can tweak it if anything is not quite to their liking.
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    Yeah, that is why I need configurable messages, as I am trying to keep a color scheme
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    @xOrlxndo btw I don't believe I have much more work to do on this. *Hopefully* I will be done with this at least by tomorrow.

    One question though, could you try to explain in a little more detail what /home toggle is supposed to do?
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    /home toggle disables access to any other players trying to teleport to the that home owners home.
    So let's say that Player1 does /home toggle then player2 cannot teleport to the home that Player1 set
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    So I could do /home toggle Home1, allowing access to my home, and then you could do /home Home1 Rayzr?

    EDIT: Also should access by default be enabled or disabled?
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    Yeah, that. But the other way around
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    @xOrlxndo what should be the other way around?
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    I Al Istannen

    I would guess "/home Rayzr Home1", but I obviously can't speak for him. But that order makes more sense :p

    EDIT: Aaaand I was wrong.
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    @I Al Istannen I know it does, but it's just a little harder to code... then the first param can either be the home name or a player name >_<

    EDIT: Not trying to sound lazy or anything but... Well, I am :p
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    I Al Istannen

    Yes, you are xD
    And it isn't THAT much harder, as you just need to check:
    (args.length == 1) ==> Own home
    (args.length == 2) ==> Other home
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    @I Al Istannen I know I know... still, me = lazy^2 :p
    EDIT: However if that's what he meant I'll of course change it to that.
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    I Al Istannen

    Come on! These are like 3 more lines... You need a bit higher exponent (Maybe 2^32 - 1 will do) to not do this :p

    Nah, do what you want, just have fun doing it!
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    @I Al Istannen Fun? What is this thing you speak of??

    I mean I'm gonna do whatever he wants. It's his plugin request :p

    How about 2^42 + 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197? That's how to tell I'm both lazy AND a nerd. (Just a note, I wrote out those values of pi from memory. Don't judge.)

    @timtower oh...

    I just realized that you made MadWarps. That explains a lot XD

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    I Al Istannen

    Sadly that is useless :p But I appreciate the time that went into learning the first digits of pi ;)

    Should be 2^32-1 or 2^64 - 1 to suit java data types though ;)

    Good luck with this plugin though (doubt you will need it :p)
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    When a player does /home toggle Home1 it would REMOVE access for Home1 for other players
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    Sorry I haven't been working on this, I'm going to try and finish it up today. I just need to confirm something, do you need a home to have access enabled AND a permission to be able to go to it?


    Wait, that wasn't explained well. I guess what I'm asking is do players need a permission to access someone's home if the home has access enabled? Or does it just need the access enabled for them to be able to go to it?

    Alright, so I think I've got it almost done. The only thing I'm not sure what to do about is the homes.more permission. Not quite sure how I want to do that, but the /home toggle thing is all set up now.

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    EDIT 2: Wow, just realized I double posted and it got merged as I was about to fix it. Skills XD

    EDIT 3.14: Gonna be a smart person and not triple post :D
    Here's the download link for the latest beta version (which includes /home toggle-ing)
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    @Rayzr522 The homes.more permission is not needed anymore :p
    So don't worry about including that :)
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    Well then, the only thing I have left is to figure out how to do the homes.more……

    Wait a moment, is there no homes limit? Is it just 1 home or multiple homes, determined by homes.more?

    I was thinking like Essentials, homes.multiple.<#>. Is this not like that?
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    Yeah, like essentials home.
    EDIT: Sorry for late response, I have been busy with collage lately :p
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    What's wrong with essentials?
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    So many commands that I do not need.
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