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    Hi there.

    First of all, Mods i use:
    + latest craftbukkit version
    + economy
    + supply signs
    + server signs
    + nospawn

    What i need:
    1.) A way to set an individual spawn point for each player. I thought of server sign commands, but that just changes the global spawning point..

    idea for perm:
    individualspawn.allowedtoset (true/false)

    2.) A Hitman System. Where the player gets money by killing other players and mobs/npcs. Wirh a config file to setup the amount of gained money for each mob/npcs and how much money a pvp kill gives. And how many points each kill gives. And how mich money and pointa you are losing when you die.

    idea for perm:
    hitman.getpoints (true/false)
    hitman.getmones (true/false)

    3.) A scoring board.
    Like writing on a sign:
    and it's replaces as:
    idea for perm:
    scoreboard.showscore (true/false)
    scoreboard.showname (true/false)
    scoreboard.destroysign (true/false)
    scoreboard.createsign (true/false)

    4.) A economy addon for dispensers and supply sign. So i can use that as shop system. like:
    additional things:
    There is a chat message needed that says "you bought a XXXX" or "Not enough Money"

    I need a way to activate and deactivate PVP. By region. So players can't kill each other in the shopzone.

    idea for perm:
    pvparea.pvpallowedtouse (true/false)

    additional things:
    a chat message is needed (whispered), wich says "You entered the PVP Area" when leaving the region, and "You are safe now" when entering it.

    Allow a supply signed dispenser to spawn mobs by giving them eggs (with supply sign), although the mobs are all denied by nospawn.

    idea for perm:
    i have no idea if this is needing permission...

    This can also be done as a Donated Job, but please contact me for this via PM.

    I hope someone can help me here. This would give Minecraft Batles a completely new face :)
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    For Hitman system you can use MobBountyReloaded

    For Scoring Board you can use TopPVP

    For activating pvp use worldguard
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    is MobBountyReloaded and TopPVP compatible with each other? Means, can i show the score of the hitman mod in TopPVP?

    i tried it wirh WG. But that's not really working with what i planned. I thought of sone type of region, wich deactivates PVP for all players inside, and reactivates it when they leave the region.
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    But when you set pvp off in an area, and they leave it and get into an area where pvp is allowed, its the same
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    i'll look at arena again. Can it whisper a message to the player when changin pvp modes?

    nevermind, i found it out.

    But TopPVP is not what i'm searching...
    I don't want the player to write commands. This is why i want to put signs on the wall where the scores are written on.
    MobBounty is just working for Mobs, and not really useful for a scoring system. (and i not really need a bounty system... more a PVP survival mod, where every players kills other players and mobs, and gains score and money, or loses points when he dies.

    So there are 4,5 mods left :/
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    still needing this :/

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