Cross Enchants and No conflicts or restrictions.

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Sug_Mcoque, Feb 7, 2021.

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    Name: EnhancedEnchants (doesn't have to be, just thought it sounds nice.)
    Version 1.16.5
    When: Anytime.

    This plugin would basically allow you to put any enchantment book on any tool or armor with no conflicts or restrictions. For example, Infinity on a crossbow or looting on an ax or fire aspect on a hoe or multishot on a bow. The tool-specific enchant books should still not be able to be put on armor and vice versa. The XP system would stay the same. And you'd only be able to do this on an anvil with the book and tool/armor you want to use. Sheers and flint steel should still not be enchantable of course.

    Also if you can. Make it so we can put leaves in water sources like bedrock edition

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    I made a plugin similar to your request here:

    There is a small bug if you try to retrieve item with SHIFT but other than that it works fine. Also it doesn't have the leaves thingy that you said. I'll get some free time in a few days to a week time, so if this request will still be open, I can look into making the plugin.
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    Thank you so much. If you could do that I would much appreciate it. Also I think that shift-click glitch is in vanilla Minecraft regardless because I was just experiencing it as well.

    Also, while it does work, I found out some enchants don't work as intended such as multishot on a bow.

    Also Also, sorry but could I also request that amour enchants strictly stay on armor and same with tools and weapons,
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