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    Sadly, I switched over to essentials.
    It doesn't tp you to spawn on death..

    1 command:

    This sets where you spawn after you die.
    When you die, you are tped to the /setdeathspawn location.
    If possible store pitch/yaw/direction with the coordinates!

    No permissions. For all group / people.

    Need this as soon as possible. People are spawning on a griefed archepelego thing.
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    Um, all you have to do is set a spawn at the location. The player will spawn there after death. COmmand is /setspawn.
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    Nope, I was playing earlier on his server, and it kept respawning me somewhere totally not spawn.

    I'll do this later, need to sleep now.
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    Then your doing something wrong...
    If you have multiverse and permissions make sure you set it right and for both.

    /setspawn GROUP

    /setspawn guest
    /setspawn member
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    For devs interested:
    public void onPlayerDeath (PlayerDeathEvent e) {
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    Wrong, you'll need the PlayerRespawnEvent and it's method setRespawnLocation() ;)
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    Here you go! Worked for me, I hope it works for you ;)
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    - /setdeathspawn

    - deathspawn.set
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    Woobie Why do you cast Player to sender before you check if the sender isn't a player? Also, you define variables that you don't need, like all the ChatColors. This isn't a problem but it just adds extra lines of code.
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    I use that template everytime I create new project, its just easier to have thoes there :D

    It doesnt matter if the string is below or ontop of the if sender instanceof player.
    Why are you always talking about this same thing? You're always complaining about something when I finish a plugin -_-
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    I *think* it does matter because you are saying that the sender is a player before checking if the sender is a player. The only reason why I always give you constructive criticism is because the only time I see your code is after you've written it ;)
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    Copied from the essentials config....

    # When users die, should they respawn at their first home or bed, instead of the spawnpoint?
    respawn-at-home: false

    # End of File <-- No seriously, you're done with configuration.
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    That was not the problem

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