Creeper Team! [FUN/MISC]

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    Plugin category: FUN/MISC

    Suggested name: CreeperTeam
    What I want: I'd Like to see a plugin which you can make a creeper follow you without exploding all you have to do is give it is Gunpowder and it will follow you around and wont explode even if there are other players around. But when you hit that creeper it explodes normally.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: CreeperTeam.use.allow

    When I'd like it by: Soon as possible.

    Similar plugin requests: None that i could find.

    Devs who might be interested in this:

    24 views and no commends :(

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    :D I'm a comment! Lol. I was requesting a plugin a lot like this called You Are The Creeper. It's a remake of the mod, but in plugin form. Here is a link to my request. There is another feature to the plugin that ALL monsters follow you if clicked by a red flower in the mod. And stop or somthing if clicked with a yellow flower.
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    bump. again.
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    I've seen a plugin that makes this, but actually i can't remember the name, was something with pet or something similiar ... i think petcreeper .... xD sorry con't know the name but i'm sure there was/is such a plugin !
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    PetCreeper is way outdate.

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