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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by bmcc1234, Feb 9, 2013.

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    Hello I was just wondering if a dev could make a plugin kinda custom for my server if not its ok.
    Here are some of the details.
    When someone doesnt vote after 24hr it sets them to creeper speed or super slow
    it doesn't come off until you vote.
    if you are interested in making it custom add me on skype at bmcc1234
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    Being a somewhat evil person myself, I like this idea. You are going to run into some problems though. Like what are you going to do when someone doesn't log in for a week? Are they going to be slow until they vote. And what happens if more than one person signs in from a single location? I have 4 people in my house that place and you can only vote once per IP. Well, I guess I'm assuming that you are talking about Votifier votes.
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    Wow, nice idea. i would love to see a guy trying to run from a zombie at that speed!
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    Or you could set their speed to -1, so when they try to go forward they go backwards and their screen is upside down :3
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    lol MrBluebear3

    But back to the plugin, Is anyone able to do this

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    If I were a plugin dev I wouldn't make this as he copied the idea and even the NAME or another server, and if you want it private then that is LOW.
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    I will gladly make this plugin, it doesn't sound too hard. :) Why not!
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    Lol good idea to get votes
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    Yes, he did copy the idea, because the server that the original plugin is on hasn't released it to the public. There are lots of plugins that are "copycats" of plugins on really big servers.

    But if anyone hasn't done this yet...I could do it
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    I understand I was harsh but really, I don't think he should copy the name.

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