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    Hello everyone,

    Ice here with a plugin request. I am asking for a plugin that can hook up with the plugin McCredits, or you can make your own hook up with credits (Get X credits which is configurable "credits" on death). So I want something like Buffs. I want this because my server is a kitpvp server and I need it so when players kill other players they can get credits and get buffs. So for example I killed a player named JimmyJhon1123 and it says You have received X credits! in green. Then I can do if I have the amount for a buff I can do /sharp or /protection. Then I can set the amount for each buff and as I said for the death credits. After they do /sharp on only their sword they get the enchantment. This maybe a big plugin or their is already one like this Tell me in the comments.

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