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    If this is possible, I'm looking for a nice person to try to make this for me.

    • Ability to create a separate "Creative" world, on a survival server.
    • Ability to create a portal or use a command to warp to that world.
    • Ability to give only certain users permissions to go to the creative world.

    I'll pay $10 or so.
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    Multiverse Core + Multiverse Portals + Flat World Generator = [REQ]

    You can create a separate world with mutliverse using Clean Room (Flat World) as the generator. You then modify the world with multiverse so that its Creative (/mvm set mode creative). You then create a portal to that world. However, I am not certain how you could do it with permissions. One method would be to place the portal within a locked and protected room. Then use LWC or Lockette to create a door that only opens for that group and closes behind them.

    With Regards,
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    I prefer to not use MultiVerse, which is why I am requesting a plugin.
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    ... If i knew how gamemode worked on separate worlds, i would make this.

    It would just be some simple commands:
    - setting a gamemode for a world
    - /set world gamemode 0/1
    - /newworld gamemode 0/1
    - permissions based teleporting
    - /gmworlds <world>

    As to ways to get there... Well i think the way multiverse does it is by setting/getting the gamemode of anyone who teleports to the world.
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    Why? It does exactly what you need.

    You add a creative world with a single command.
    You can allow only certain people to teleport there - with a single command+permission node.

    And if you throw MultiInv into the mix, you also have the separate inventories.

    Noone will be making a plugin for you if the things you want already exist in perfection.

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