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    I'd like to see the ability to add just a couple unlimited blocks to the game so my players can have unlimited basic building blocks but have to work to get resources. Simple mixture of survival and creative.
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    The Plugin "Essentials" has a "/item" or "/i" command.
    This gives yourself the chosen item (choosable by name or ID).
    All you have to do is, give your players the appropriate permissions and set "permission-based-item-spawn" in the essentials config to "true".
    You can grant permission for each item separately.

    Instructions:    This command allows a player spawn the defined amount of the specified item. The amount will default to the value in the config.yml.
    essentials.item    Allow access to the /item command.
    essentials.itemspawn.item-[itemname]    If permission-based-item-spawn: Spawn [itemname]
    essentials.itemspawn.item-[itemid]    If permission-based-item-spawn: Spawn [itemid]

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