Creation of a Minecraft server. Open Ports. Players can not connect.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by alexandr2003, Apr 14, 2023.

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    Hello all need a little help with a technical question.

    Decided to do with a friend to make your own little Minecraft server for the game. We started with the assembly of a new computer (bought components and assembled). Next, installed Windows 10 and proceeded to create a server using the tutorials on various websites and YouTube.

    - Installed Java / Java SDK.
    - Downloaded minecraft_server..jar and moved it to a separate folder. Run it, create another bat file to run through it.
    - Did not touch anything in the server-propities file.
    - We disabled the firewall, created rules for ports 25565 so all connections were allowed, repeat for TCP and UDP.
    - Disabled Windows Defender completely.
    - Opened port 25565 on the router.

    Opened a port for that computer on the LAN. Here is a screenshot:


    My friend tried to connect to my public IP address and nothing worked. The port check sites still say I have that port closed, even with the server file running. But I can connect to server and play in my local network, but my friend can't. What to do that my friend could join the server? Maybe it's the provider's fault, they use NAT system?

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