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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Tim_M, Sep 17, 2020.

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    So, my problem is pretty easy. I need the player to enter a string, (a password system) and check if it macthes. I know that I could have the player write it in chat, but entering it in a GUI would be way cooler to be honest. I tried with anvils, with no success. Now Im trying with signs. Im successfully able to send packets of PlayOutOpenSignEditor, which brings up a menu that the player can type in. Howeveer, when trying to make it impossible to write on certain lines, I noticed that it wasnt firing SignChangeEvent (the eventclass is registered, all other events in it work, also yes i have a @EventHandler in from of the void). It seems like sending packets wont be solution. Does anyone know how to get a string input from a player using anvils on signs? (Also I dont want to use protocolLib thank you.)

    Thanks for any answers :p
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    See if this helps: link
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    Thanks, but as I said that I would like to avoid protocolLib
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Why though? Make everything a lot easier, no need to update for every minecraft version.
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    Why not just have them place it on a sign and then catch the input from the event? and cancel the placement of the sign..
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    That's a good idea, but how would I bring the sign edit screen up?

    Edit: oops I misread, is there any way to automatically open a sign GUI of an existing sign?
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    1. SignChangeEvent is called when you click "done" in a sign GUI.
    2. I don't believe Bukkit events are called when you send a packet.
    3. If you don't want to place a sign in the world, you'll have to use packets.
    4. ProtocolLib makes sending and listening for the packets much easier, especially the listening part.
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    So basically, I HAVE to use protocolLib...
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    @Tim_M You don't HAVE to, but there's really no reason not to.
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    Well you would have much more work to do if you didn't so it's the worst idea.Also you this is the example to the post i gave you earlier link. Looking through it i think it should work just fine but you shouldn't just copy and paste and actually try to learn from it
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    Ok, I guess it's time learn how to use protocolLib

    Marking solved...

    Edit: Actually it's not solved. The link you gave seems to have outtaded code, as it gives errors about incorrect arguments.

    Edit 2:nvm I'll open a new thread about a new issue
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