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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Zero9195, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Hi Guys, have some Problems creating a settings file with some simple true and false statements.
    It should look like this
    also I want to know how I can get the settings, if it is true or false.
    Thanks for helping ;)
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    Jerry Larsson


    You can use the built-in Configuration class if you want to read/write yaml configuration files.

    Configuration _config = new Configuration(new File("MyFolder/MyFile.yml"));
    // Reading from yml file
    Boolean elevators = _config.getBoolean("mysettings.enableElevators", false);
    Boolean gravesigns = _config.getBoolean("mysettings.enableGravesigns", false);
    Boolean buildings = _config.getBoolean("mysettings.enableBuildings", false);
    Boolean wirestone = _config.getBoolean("mysettings.enableWirestone", false);
    //Writing to yml file
    _config.setProperty("mysettings.enableElevators", true);
    _config.setProperty("mysettings.enableGravesigns", true);
    _config.setProperty("mysettings.enableBuildings", true);
    _config.setProperty("mysettings.enableWirestone", true);;
    There you have some code to read and write to a config file. Quite easy.

    Regards, Jerry
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    Which directory is "MyFolder/MyFile.yml" in? I'm assuming the "plugins" directory?
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    No, the root is going to be where your craftbook.jar is. So if you want it to be in the plugins folder, you have to have "plugins/MyFolder/MyFile.yml"
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    Cool! Thanks.
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    I highly recommend using the default config file for your plugin (this.getConfiguration() in the onEnable method). That will access plugins/[YourPlugin]/config.yml which is the default, and is where you should store your config stuff.
    To create the default file, just have a method that does config.setProperty() for all of the options you want, and then run and it will create the required directory/file.
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    Thanks!! this sounds much easier than everything I have tried so far xD
    --- merged: Feb 13, 2011 9:08 AM ---
    Is there any way to check if the file already exists? Because now it overwrites the settings everytime. Thanks for Help^^
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