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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by black_ixx, Jan 25, 2013.

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    well I am currently working at a huge PvP plugin and I want to add fighting NPC.
    Players who are seen by other players and attack them. I know this is possible. I know citizens.
    But I don't want to use it because
    1. My plugin doesn't needs all the features of Citizens
    2. Citizens updates are slow
    3. Citizens is big and needs alot of RAM
    4. I want to be able to spawn my own custom "players" and acess them

    So I have decided to add the feature at my own. But it is hard.
    I have already took a look into the citizens API but I don't really know how to create these players yet.
    Does somebody has more experience with this? Or do you have tips or ideas?

    Help is welcome!
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    umm.... Packets?
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    Yep. But which packets? And when to send them?
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    Just look in the resources section in the sub-forum of plugin development, you can find some NPC libraries there which you can use and modify to your own needs.
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    Thanks! I've found something.
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    or you can visit this to find packets but however you have to use nms code which is pretty hard to understand, like Adamki11s said there are npclibs around I recommend npclib.
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