Crates In Mine-craft? :o

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    Looking for a plugin developer [CURRENTLY]
    Hello I am one of the owners, of a thousand prison servers. I really would love to request this plugin to help attract players, and attract Customer's to you!
    If there is already a plugin for this please notify me, ​
    Skype: bobcubz​
    • Plugin need's to be able to get a key threw voting or drop parties or something.

    • When they receive the key they can click on a chest at spawn Or somewhere and open it. When opened they can pick from a few item's I.E Enchanted Diamond sword's and armor, Money, And other items .

    • The key has to be able to work with separate chest I.E Super Voter Crate, Vote Crate, Drop party Create, Donator Crate, etc.
    Not only will this help my server, but it will help you gain status! :)
    Thank's for your time!
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    Why? ... Haha
  4. bobcubz It is against the rules.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    bobcubz Rules why
  6. timtower Just about to paste that. Your always faster Tim.
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    Sorry :) I won't do it again!
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    bwfcwalshy Sorry m8 we already have taken a full effect on t he plugin through skype
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    I have a plugin but this is not implemented:


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