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Discussion in 'General Help' started by banan0202, Jan 6, 2015.

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    Hello! I am running a Spigot 1.8 server and am having some problems regarding setting up my CrateReloaded config. I am trying to have a crate that has a chance to give players different spawner types. I am running the SilkSpawners plugin to allow placement of custom spawners. Because of 1.8 (I think) you can give yourself a spawner with a Metadata (Like 90 is pig, 50 is creeper etc). So i tried using a comming with "{BlockEntityTag:{EntityId:EntityNameHere}" but it still doesn't seem to work with the plugin.

    This is what the config looks like.

    Please Help!

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    Try get/request a plugin that give you the kind of spawner with just a plugin like for example "/spawnergive Creeper".
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    SilkSPawners give you the option to do that but not to other players than yourself... And i really don't want to pay 50$ on something that should work in vanilla minecraft.
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