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    Plugin category: Mechanics

    Suggested name: CraftSigns

    What I want: I would like a plugin that allows admins to make a sign that you can right click the sign and it will subtract the required items in your inventory to craft somthing and give you back the crafted item. There also needs to be a configurable limit of how many times each player can use each sign. My primary use for this will be on a Feed The Beast server to allow players to create only 1 chunk loader to prevent players from overloading the server. With that in mind it needs to have a way to add custom recipes and return non vanilla id's to the inventory. Please build with 1.4.7

    Ideas for Functionality:
    Sign Format:
    line1: [CraftSigns]
    line2: PersonalAnchor (this line should refer to a line in the config (refer to config section))
    line3: 1 (# of allowed uses per player)


    id: 1053:2
    - 338 2
    - 226 4
    - 49 2
    - 368:4 1

    ^ id: refers to what id should be returned if they have sufficient items
    ^ first number refers to item ID. Also needs to support values such as "1038:5"
    ^ second number refers to how many of the items they must give

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    bump (not sure if bumping is allowed. If not sorry just delete my post)
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    Snacka Mooni

    you can't get plugins on an ftb server. Doesn't run on bukkit.
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    Snacka Mooni

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    ok well can anyone take on this task now that we are all aware of bukkit for FTB

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