Crafting issues.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Joshdabeast1212, Apr 15, 2013.

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    This is very annoying. I have been searching for 2 weeks to get a solution but nothing. I'm not sure if this is bukkit or minecraft 1.5, But please help me out. How do i fix this. I mean i got a server that gets up to 15 at a time. (I know that's not many but i just started the server) and no one can craft. I have told them if you go slow you can make it work but half of them don't listen/understand what i'm saying. This would be so much better if i could just know how to fix the problem so that i can continue having my server grow. Servers like and and they have it working fine. But no server owner tells "Their secrets".... Please help!
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    I don't think people understand your problem if you say it this way, is it impossible or just hard. It could be lag. How much RAM does your server have?

    Tahg me if you want me to reply again, BTW
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    update worldguard
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    It is no problem with lag. We got cubedhost 3g ram... The problem is the 1.5 update.. Where no one can craft. And thanks niknea i will try that right away.

    NOPE didn't work. MORE ANSWER?

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    update all plugins.
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    Update NoCheatPlus
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    Update Minecraft version.
    Tell them to update their Minecraft version.
    Update ALL of your plugins.
    Update CraftBukkit

    And may I see a list of your plugins?
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    All of them? Alright... This will take a while i got 34 plugins. And if you want to see my plugins add up my skype. josh.hello1
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    Why not just put them here? If you trust those to a random stranger you can also post it here. And you shouldn't be lazy to update your plugins and your server, especially if you use developer versions of CraftBukkit.
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    I updated them all and it turned out that nocheatplus was the problem! Thanks so much guys!
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