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    Sorry, I'm using the provided template for a request. Very boring of me, but that way I can provide you with the best information!

    Plugin category:
    Except for this information, because I don't know.

    Suggested name: ExpCraft

    What I want:
    Essentially, what I'd like for this plugin to do is provide a way to bottle experience levels simply by placing an empty glass bottle in your crafting table (or player crafting thing).

    I am aware that this is a very simple plugin, which sounds like there would be a million clones of out there, however I simply can not find one that fits the bill. I have checked out plugins such as Bottler, but they just don't fit.

    The bottles would take the experience and bottle it in terms of amount, not levels displayed, for example, if someone were to bottle 60 levels (7035 experience), then when activating the bottle, it would give them 60 levels, however, if someone were to bottle 30 levels (825 experience) twice, and activate them simultaneously, it would result in level 38 (1601 experience).

    Bottles of experience should display their amount in brackets after the item name, i.e, "Bottle O' Enchanting (28 levels)", and should be tradeable between players.

    In terms of regaining the experience from the bottles, players would simple just right click the bottle as if it were just any other bottle o' enchanting

    Ideas for commands:
    /expbottle "amount of levels" - places bottle with desired amount of levels in command users' inventory.

    Ideas for permissions:
    exp.craft - allows users to bottle their exp by placing a bottle in their crafting GUI
    exp.use - allows players to gain the exp from the bottles
    exp.spawn - allows those with permission (admin preferably) to create a bottle with a designated amount of levels.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    Thank You for anyone who has read this and is considering completing my request. It is much appreciated.

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    So what would exactly be the craft recipe and you want that when we craft like lvl 1 bottle it adds us the amount of 1 lvl ?
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    Thank you for the suggestions, however I have already looked at these plugins and they don't fit the bill. The think i'm looking for mostly is the absence of commands, and the bottling of exp via crafting.

    The crafting recipie would simply be an empty glass bottle, which would give you a bottle o' enchanting with the amount of levels.

    You'd place a plain glass bottle in to the crafting menu, and it would give you the bottle o' enchanting in the output slot. Once removed, it would take your levels, and the bottle would be worth that many levels.

    Hope that clears it up for you. :)
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    So you place an empty bottle and it gets your current xp in a bottle o' xp ?
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    Exactly :) Just now realising that that is exactly how I should have put it in the first place, haha
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    I'm Making this now :) Great idea.
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    Thank You so much!
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    Update please?
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    I know I should be patient, but it's been a week with no extra response, could you please let me know if you have made/are still making this or not, please?
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    I've heard nothing from him, I've even messaged him and had no reply, so I assume he's abandoned it.

    If you want to wait for him to reply and give permission I'd understand, but I'd appreciate if you would make it.

    Thank You for your response! :)
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    Alright, I will start work on it now and get it done as soon as I can, relying on the fact that jakenelson seems to have abandoned it and gone innactive.
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    As of current, I have the command to spawn the bottles in, provided you have permission. It displays the exp in the lore as of current. My question to you quickly, how should I display the level within the name? I would propose rounding the level down and then keeping the lore on the bottle showing the exp. Using a decimal in the name could be inaccurate when calculating how much exp to give the player, which could cause incorrect amounts to be given at times.

    Alternatively, I could set the exp in the lore to be the exp into that level. So, level 28 and 27 exp. I think storing just the level could cause problems and inaccuracy, so I might have to show the exp, either total or to next level, somewhere, if that's ok with you.


    EDIT: Also, should I disable the crafting and not allow the player to craft a bottle if they have no exp whatsoever, or just allow them to craft a bottle with no value that spawns nothing?
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    Ah some good questions.

    In regards to the "Edit:" questions. Disable the crafting of bottles if experience = 0

    Urm, honestly, whatever makes your life easier. I think if it would make it work better, then put both the experience amount and level on there. The rounding the level down and showing the EXP in the lore sounds like a good option. What do you think?

    Thanks for all this! :)
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    I have the level showing in the name, aswell as the full amount of exp shown in the lore, slightly coloured to be themed with the bottles themselves. Other than that, I have every aspect of the plugin complete. I will just make sure everything is finished and upload now, if you want?

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    @plobnob Sounds excellent. Yeah if you upload it now, I can test it out straight away and give some feedback :)
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    /expbottle <level> - Spawns in a bottle with the amount of experience needed for the level provided.

    exp.craft - Enables crafting of exp bottles.
    exp.use - Enables a player to use exp bottles from the plugin.
    exp.spawn - Enables a player to use the /expbottle command to spawn exp bottles in.

    Prefix: Change the prefix for the plugin to display how you want in chat.
    ShowPrefix: Set to true or false to determine whether to show the prefix on messages or not. NoPermisionCommand: The message to display when a player lacks permission to perform the /expbottle command.
    NoPermissionThrow: The message to display when a player lacks permission to use an exp bottle from the plugin.
    SpawnedExpMessage: The message to display when a player uses /expbottle to spawn in a bottle - uses {LEVELS} to replace with level value.
    WrongArgumentsMessage: The message to display when a player gives invalid arguments for the /expbottle command.

    Hope that works fine for you!
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    @plobnob Thank You so SO much. I really do appreciate your work. Testing now.
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    No problem. I will be on for a bit still, so if there are any immediate bugs or anything present, feel free to give me a shout. I have tested everything immediately obvious to me on my server, but still, I dare say I haven't checked everything! :p
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    @plobnob All seemed good from what I managed to test. I got DDoSed half way through testing because I refused a guy OP haha.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your hard work, it really is appreciated and I hope we can collaborate with some more plugin ideas soon!

    I will update you if I find a bug

    Once again, thank you!
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    No problem, any time! Glad to hear it all worked fine so far. If you have any other plugin requests you want filled, feel free to tag me in them and I will see if I can fill them for you!

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    Little issue, if a bottle is put into a dispenser and released that way, it gives 1 exp (or less), regardless of the amount in the bottle.
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    Alright, I will look into that. Give me a few minutes.

    EDIT: What should I do about permissions for dispensers using the bottles? They can't be assigned a permission per block as far as I'm aware, and if a player can't use them, surely they could use a dispenser to bypass this?
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    @plobnob Quite honestly, and the way I intend to use it on my server, the use of dispensers do not matter as everyone has access to use the bottle, just not to craft them.

    However, if this became an issue for someone else, they could limit the use of dispensers all together in another config.
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