Crafting, Enchanting, Item durability issues

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by AndrewsPanda, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Ever since generating a 1.0.0 map and loading the latest dev build of bukkit at the time. My players have been experiencing all sorts of problems.

    They cant craft sugar, paper, diamond tools plus others and it seems inconsistent. Also their enchanted items arent enchanted are 1 use. Plus their items durability reset every time they pick it up or right click with it.

    I am running #1492 and have the following plugins:

    AutoSave, MobDisguise, CraftIRC, SpamHammer, HeroSneak, InstaMode, iConomy, NoCheat, WorldEdit, LagMeter, Lottery, Residence, MineBackup, ScheduledAnnouncer, Essentials, WorldGuard, TreeAssist, PermissionsEx, EssentialsSpawn, Modifyworld, Permissions, EssentialsChat, Citizens

    Any help would be great. I thought this was happening to everyone but it seems to be only my server.


    I am now running #1506 and still experiencing the same problem.

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    Rather seems to be a problem with one of your plugins (don't ask, I don't know which), as I am playing on another 1.0.0 server and almost everything besides the known Bukkit bugs works.
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    I am having the same issue, but I saw it before updating to the 1.0.0 dev build and I am still seeing it with my current 1.0.0 server.

    I know it is neither McMyAdmin nor Craftbukkit as I have built a clean server with both and have not seen the issue but it may be a combination of interactions between bukkit and the plugins.

    I disabled all plugins on the server I was having the issue with and was able to craft an item that would not work before, but when I tried to enable plugins one at a time, crafting broke and I was unable to craft that item again even after disabling all plugins and restarting the server.

    Currently running the following plugins: BukkitCompat r16B, CleanroomGenerator 0.0.4, CommandBook 243-5b28ae8, CraftBook (Common, Circuits, Mechanisms & Vehicles) 347-2723723, dynmap 0.25, Multiverse-Core 2.1-b326, Multiverse-NetherPortals 2.1-b283, Multiverse-Portals 2.1-b295, SalesMan FastMining 1.3.3, & WorldEdit 545-c6fee41

    Craftbukkit version 1509

    Is there any way to enable debugging on the server or the client? I would like to be able to see an error log when this happens and hopefully provide further information.

    edit: After some further investigation, it seems that it may be stemming from the creation of the world using bukkit + plugins. I copied over a world file I created and played it on SP and still had the problem while using a vanilla client. Trying this again in a newly created world the issue is gone. Note that the issue only occurs for me when I try to craft anything using diamonds.

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    With the merging of 1.0.1 into the latest dev of Craftbukkit, the problem has seemed to have disappeared for me.

    If you are still having this issues, I suggest upgrading to the latest dev.

    Good luck!
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    same issue, exactly same issue.

    i'm on the latest RB,

    people think im funny that i said i got this error but its happened
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