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  1. asofold Good question. I too was also thinking about this:

    The method that I have planned is that the majority will be 'click' and it'll import.
    For example, if they wanted to teleport a player to another player when they join the game, they would click on 'insert Listener', and a dialogue box will appear where they can select the listener from a list of all of the events (playerEvent perhaps?)

    Then, in the side bar tab called 'listener', it'll find all of the methods and parse them to something simpler such as 'getPlayer', then there will be a player tab somewhere which will have all of the player methods (e.g. teleport, getWorld etc.)

    And then again, it'll have more complex methods condensed simply. For example, if you wanted to get a player object from their name, it'll have 1 button to insert the code to do that. The person using the program will be able to see the code on the right hand side and (hopefully) be able to make some sort of sense from it.

    But you are right. It is going to be tricky for those which have never done programming before, but one of my main goals is to teach people through 'experimentation' where they press buttons and see what the code output becomes, then they can learn from that. The other thing is to learn Java via Bukkit (like I did).

    I'm still working on how I'm going to get this to work, I'm just making stuff up as I go along :p
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    DJSkepter OK... That's right... We aren't programming the same... If you looked at my code, maybe you saw the jtree at the left? It isn't only a "filemanager"... :eek:
  3. nobiths I saw your JTree on the left and realized that also, but I removed it since it was just too complex for me :S

    Show Spoiler

    Example of player actions
    Menu structure
    Totally going to have color scheme support!
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    DJSkepter ;) Can you explain me how to use the jsyntaxpane? I found this, but I don't know how to use it with eclipse...

    DJSkepter where are you from?

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  5. nobiths That's a super good question! What I did, I downloaded it and added it as an external jar (as you would with Bukkit), then I followed some simple code from here

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    DJSkepter Ok thx... (lol the person from the website decompiled the jar...)

    Ok it's europe, because you'r online when i'm online too, but the other people answer when i'm sleeping... (i'm from Germany)
  7. nobiths Not really decompiled, the source code is out there on its website (googlecode).
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  9. nobiths [1] You need to create a JEditorPane which has a JScrollingPane attached to it, then it will have line numbers.
    [2] I've seen it - I took your code from Github and compiled it. (And then I went ahead and rewrote everything - The only thing I used was the layout of how you set it out.
    [3] Are you really 24?
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    DJSkepter Ok thx... (But in 2 you have do download the newest version (it's not on github) to see what i mean) i'm NOT 24... do you want to add me in skype?
  11. nobiths Haha, first class evidence of lying about your age :p
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    DJSkepter i had to tranlate this with google tranlater... XD i tell you my age if you add me in kype :| Do something like a PM exists in this forums?
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