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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by SirM3aky, Jan 4, 2011.

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    Just ran the Craftbukkit snapshot, had it up and running with a couple of seconds without any problems which was great! but I just want to ask a couple of questions that came from running it :)

    1. The command line arguments basically enable us to put the .cfg, world folder and plug ins folder where ever we want. Will we be able to set the location where each plug-in saves it's setting file somewhere else instead of cluttering up the root folder?
    2. In Craftbukkit after I typed "/help" it seemed like I had a major amount of power over the server (stop the server, stop terrain saving etc) does this mean us admins will be able to run every command from in game and not have to switch to the console for some of them?
    A couple of things I would like to see (in relation to the above questions:
    1. I would love to be able to define where needed files are, obviously have a default setting however don't make it static, enable us to change their location if we wish.
    2. I get annoyed with hmod as the *.properties files for each plug-in sits in the root folder cluttering everything else up. I would prefer it if each plug-in had it's own folder and within that folder is everything it needs without pushing it other places (obviously this is impossible for some plug-ins like the AutoRestarter for hmod as it's a wrapper) or have one folder that houses all the plug-in settings that isn't root.
    Anyway, I hope I got my point across clearly and I hope some people agree!
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    1. We're investigating the possibility of making plugins follow a directory structure like the following. It's just a theory currently though, we're still discussing the finer points.


    2. There are actually no commands in Craftbukkit yet. Not sure how to answer your /help question :D However, we will not likely be adding console interaction in Bukkit, but as a custom event defined in Craftbukkit. Not all servers have consoles (daemons etc). We're definitely going to look into ways to let you manage from ingame, and possibly add a remote interface as part of the default plugin set.
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    Thanks for answering, I know you said you don't know 100% about the folder structure but what you have posted seems nice and tidy which will make everything a lot easier.

    I ran Craftbukkit fromt eh same folder as hmod (just to get it working quickly) so that's probably why it came up with things haha. Thanks for the quick reply!

    Also what will be happening with logs? Will Bukkit be throwing everything all in one file or will it be something along the lines of


    Sorry if these seem like relatively pointless questions!
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    We'll probably have a Log default plugin with a configurable rotation, to look like that. That's not actually come up as a question before :D
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    Awesome, good to know :D

    Thanks for the speedy replies!
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    It would be nice to be able to have config file overrides that all live in one folder that is defined in the main config or a cmd line switch. This way I could have a set of custom config files for a server, and if i want to setup a new server or switch to a different config set, I can just drop that conf dir in and override all the confs in each plugin folder.
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    Living in one folder? Hmm, maybe one folder tree. /etc, anyone? :)
    Even better, all config files could be overrides - ie. each plugin has a set of default settings (most restrictive permissions, most open options) that can each be overridden by entries in the config file. This would ensure that server owners know what they changed at a glance.

    ie. a plugin might have 14 variables, 3 of which a server owner wants to override. The plugin could have 'basic' settings (common ones that'd be set for every server, or ones required to make the plugin work) and 'advanced' settings (that would be set by default, but overridden should a server owner chose to do so).

    This would make package management easier too, as whenever a plugin was updated, a server owner could see at a glance what was different or new in the configuration by referencing their older, custom overrides to the new 'base' reference config (that perhaps would have default settings commented out).

    To expand upon this and enhance the user experience, the basic settings could be configured over GUI - a plugin author could define around 10 variables that must be set and cannot be retrieved from the base program, such as a custom database or table name, or the name of a group. This would keep configuration at it's simplest for SMHM (small minecraft, home minecraft? :p) administrators without compromising the more advanced server administrators.
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    I'd love to see a built in web management interface. However in the interest of keeping things lightweight I understand that most likely won't happen.

    Any ideas on where the API is going...down the RPC route I hope?
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    Fot the log question can we have an option of it being put to MYSQL?
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