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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jokerdeath44, Apr 28, 2012.

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    how can i make a craftbukkit server?will it have plugins?
    Or make a Bukkit server?
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    download bukkit gui from here

    download craftbukkit from here

    follow this 3 steps

    but if u really need/want to stay with bat files

    here are 4 different bat files

    1st you rename your craftbukkit.1.1.1.jar file to craftbukkit.jar

    than you put all of them in your bukkit folder and 1 of them will work for sure
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    You saved me 1 question: did i need to be a premium?

    should i put the two thinks together in one file?

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    If you mean a premium minecraft user, then yes.
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    PERFECT because today i tried to be 1 and it ate my money for 3st time
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    premium ? for what ? and no if in server properties you set online mode to false
    and what you mean to ate your money ?

    "should i put the two thinks together in one file?" < well no you dont but you can
    dont you think that stuff for 1 game should be placed in 1 folder so its easier to find ?
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