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    I used the craftbukkit.jar, but quickly changed to the snapshot for a second to try something. It failed miserably, and I am TRYING to find a craftbukkit.jar download (not a snapshot!)
    But all I find are snapshots. Where can I find the latest craftbukkit.jar that isn't a snapshot...?

    Yes, I am a noob... ._. Please help!
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    lol! all bukits are snapshot. Just rename it...
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    That's really confusing ._.
    Cheers though.
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    it is called something like BUKKIT-SNAPSHOT-001.jar , just rename it to craftbukkit.jar to make life easy
  5. its a better idea not to rename it, since some plugins and updaters need to know the name of the file in order to work properly. If you don't like the long name, you can create a desktop shortcut for it and run it from there
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    (Noob + A server = WHAT THE FU-*Boom*)
    Cheers though the server works now >.>
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