CraftBukkit for a really old version of Minecraft Beta 1.7.2!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by Dinnerbone, Jul 1, 2011.

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    Update - July 1, 2011 at 3:01PM EST:
    Minecraft 1.7.2 contains a dupe exploit that will ruin your economy or could create other issues. We strongly recommend waiting for a fix from either Mojang or ourselves before updating.


    We're pleased to announce our fastest update ever, and we've just made our 1.7.2 compatible build of CraftBukkit available to download as a recommended build here.

    For those who are interested, we had a 1.7 update ready for testing within 15 minutes of 1.7 being launched. That's compared to hours or even days we usually take! 1.7.1 was ready within 10 minutes, and 1.7.2 was ready in just under 10.

    We'd like to thank you all for helping us test these out, and rest assured we're trying everything we can to make these even faster for the future!
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    I am and was fully aware of this, my problem is with the fact the bukkit team recommended ANY version that is only compatible with 1.7. This is completely irresponsible, although still less irresponsible than Notch's crap we have to deal with... He is no example though, he is just a lazy, lazy man who works for/runs a lazy company.
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    Another possibility of why it isn't working could be that your system doesn't allow connections that go out and back in again (e.g. the dsl router provided by my internet provider has such a firewall rule enabled by default). So if you try to connect to your server with your public IP address ( and it doesn't work, that could be the problem. The easiest way to check is to ask someone from outside your network to connect to your minecraft server using that public IP and see if that works.
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    I don't think you understand how client/server communication works.
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    Anyone else think bukkit should ship with a warning on server start telling users a link to go to in order to look up a tutorial for first time-server runners. I don't need one but it appears many do, with that said not many people even read the console output :p

    Oh and Great news on 1.7.3 woo personally If I released an update in-game where MP was obviously its selling point and creativeness then I made a bug with pistons a new feature before people even got to use them and ruin the whole point on exploration then I would feel rather obligated to fix it, at least imo it would be morally wrong of me to ignore it.
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    .... Says the lazy User who just plays the game made by said "lazy company". People get grumpy they bought into a beta and it has bugs. As much as people hate to hear it: it is still Beta! :)

    The reason you are playing minecraft is to help bug test it, not to whine... The point of purchasing it is to fund its progress toward awesomeness and Notch's Personal wealth :)

    Also noticing my server is "running out of memory" when it should not be... Server gradually goes from 10% memory usage to 70% then the server freezes up... Regardless of the number of players.

    Theres is a memory leak some where. Minecraft, Bukkit, a Plugin or we both ave bad RAM...
    Been working on it all day myself, takes me a while because I dont want to interrupt users.

    Any one else notice Read time out errors when there should not be with cb# 953 1.7.2?

    Getting same read time out issue, using mcmmo and Craftbukkit RB 953....
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    aaa. yea.... simple rules of networking. As a matter of fact, if you hosted minecraft server on a different computer but still on your home network, you will not be able to connect to it by the actual external IP address, you would have to connect to it by your internal IP addresses like 192.168. and so on , unless if you on corporate network then they use mostly 10.10 and so on.
    Your external IP address only goes so far as your router. And then from there sotware client goes to server software that runs on certain port.
    So if you inside the network on the other side of the router you running by your home network rules. On top of this you running server on the same machine??? So yea localhost for you for everything.
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    Don't mean to be an ass, but that is not correct. I connect to my server on the floor next to me, on the same network, by the routers external IP address every day...
    the router just needs to have port 25565 (or w/e your using) Forwarded to the Server box. Which it should have for the server to work anyways....
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    It will work if your router allows internal traffic to pass to the wan interface and loop back through your router. (typical SOHO setup) If you use a business firewall like a Cisco ASA by default it will block that type of traffic. It is preferred in the business world to use internal DNS servers to correctly resolve the server IP so you don't overload your router.

    Internal IP:
    external IP:

    when you query from inside your network, the dns server will tell it to use Anyone who is outside of your network will get the address from DNS. This way your box will connect directly to the server from inside of your network.
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    You obviously don't know what you are talking about, nor do you know how minecrafts client-server relationship works or how bukkit has been doing things. I suggest you go learn something about minecraft servers before you start blaming people that don't deserve it.
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    There we go, full on sand making machine, piston driven floors, nice glass structure :D

    oh and it's uglier... less sophisticated... but much faster little brother...

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    Nice job, exactly as I imagined.

    About the compact one... I thought of that the first time as well, but I really enjoy BIG Industrial size machines with lots of unnessesary moving parts producing some good ol' industrial revolution feeling :p.

    I dont know where, but I saw this other vid of a guy using a huge system of pistons, carts, redstone, dispenser->arrow at wooden pressure plate->more redstone to open just one door... love it.
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    People on my server say the 1.7.2 dupe bug can only be done in single player and doesn't affect multiplayer servers, and are bugging me to update, does anyone know if that is true or not? (or is it fixed?)
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    ha notch got nothing on us.
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    Bukkit stated that it is a duplication exploit and since bukkit is multiplayer only I assume it also includes multiplayer.
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    Definitely affects multiplayer, I've got a server full of happy people smelting sand into glass :D
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    I'll probably wait then, thanks much! :)
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    If you use WorldGuard simply add the following to your blacklist.txt file (adjust the group line as needed) and you can upgrade without worry.
    When the fix is out you can remove the lines from the file.

    Oh, and love the username. ;)
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    Excellent idea, I don't use WorldGuard, but I can do the same thing with EssentialsProtect:

        placement: 29,33
    Also, good to see a fellow mopar fan. :) (or, basically anyone who knows what mopar is ;))
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    It will affect your server, disable it within essentials. i did and im all good
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    How do you disable it within essentials?
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    Theres a place where it says blacklist for placing blocks, add the id
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    Sooo, since there is a recommendation to wait for a fix:

    Is that still valid? My clients are waiting for me to update, but i don't want to risk it when i have to do it the next day again, cause a fix comes out.

    In comparison to 1.6, where the updates from Mojang just shot out several days, it now looks like Notch stops with 1.7.2, so i also don't want to risk to miss the 1.7 update, while waiting for a fix that might not come.

    So what should i doooo?
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    Recommendation is still valid, fix will probably come today.
    You cna update to 1.7.2 and forbid piston usage, read the post.
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    ok thanks, then i just wait. forbidding the pistons would be pointless, since that is the feature i am most anticipating :)
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    Anyone else having extremely high cpu usage? I'm running a linux server with a quad core xeon and watching top, the server will approach 200% cpu usage, then die. That's with maybe 10 people logged in.
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    I have the same thing during the week to 1.6.6. On Windows, everything works fine.
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    I'm kinda curious to see if it's the piston exploit that's causing the issues.
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    There may be two reasons, either Notch wrote curve code. Any problems with plug-ins.

    Beta 1.7.3 - Possibly Friday, July 8
    • Will fix most of the piston bugs, including duplication bug, ice glitch, and piston head glitch.

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