Craftbukkit for 1.5_01 out - Unstable Version. Also a very nice suprise included in the update.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ThePilotGuy, Apr 21, 2011.

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    ON the mine-craft forums, someone had posted that a build for 1.5_01 had came out. It is the newest craftbukkit at the moment, and is therefore unstable. (not recommended build.)

    There is something amazing about this new update: It automatically blocks people flying without giving them permission. It kicks them for floating too long. I find it very useful. I have no plugins that block flying. You can turn on flying because it says "flying is not enabled in this server" when it kicks you. I hope to use this. Very nice addition.

    As stated in the comment below I think notch added the flying. At least we have something to work with (with) the new 1.5_01 bukkit.
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    Notch added it, check the minecraft_server.jar in on

    Be careful though, people who talk on top of fences will get kicked.
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    Nathan C

    Yeh, it may seem nice, but I find it bad and disabled mine. I will stick to the Ant-Cheat plugins anti-fly, since it is far better.

    If you do some exploit, you can spam the server with your name and lock it up...
    Because of that, I disable it.
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    I will stick to No Cheat. It is far far far better.
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