Craftbukkit Fails to Save Upon Restart/Crash...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by qwert1484, Feb 14, 2011.

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    Hello, I am having some issues with my server, it seems to lose up to an hour or more of playtime after each restart, or so my players claim. This has been an ongoing issue with multiple versions of bukkit, as of now I use build 288 with a ubuntu 10.04 linux vps running off 123systems. the java -version command refuses to return the value for what verion of java I have, though if I recall I should have the most recent version available for my OS as of the first of the month or so. 1.6 something I believe. If there's an alternative way to check this I will happily and eagerly do so. I am not running any server wrappers, though I have tried simpleserver wrapper in the past, and it did work after a few tries, though I no longer use it at the moment. I am running worldguard, worldedit, LCW, nethergate, minecart mania and all addons, essentials plus it's addons, permissions, persistance, iconomy, simpleshop, spells, wand.

    Anyways, the problem at hand, is that any time I take down my server, for any reason, be it from a crash, or to simply get some of the configurations files to reload, -everyone- who has been on in the past hour or so claims to have lost work and the like. This has been an ongoing issue for some time, I've been on lots of prior craftbukkit builds too, and still experienced the same issue

    If this is infact a shortcoming with my OS, or perhaps a mistake I made in running the server, I would simply like to know this so that I may instead change hosting services.

    Thank you in advance, QWERT.
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    Padeius Etoh

    This may be a stupid question but how do you "take down your server", do you use the stop command in console?
    Do you do back ups of your world prior to shutting down your server?
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    This used to happen on some older builds of CraftBukkit, but was apparently fixed (still isn't for me though). The simple work around is to run the /save-all command, and then get your users to disconnect (or kick them all) which will save everything...
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    yes, I typically use /save-all and do so from console when I can, though I don't typically have time to kick all the users one by one. Would that really make a difference for the regions not updating and all that? Because they're still in use they cannot be accessed? Should I use /save-off kick everyone, /save-all and then restart? my users don't all seem to get the message when I say I'm restarting, and keep reconnecting after I've kicked them too, so it quickly becomes a battle of kicking them all one by one over and over.... Or can I use something to the effect of kick * or somesuch?

    sorry, that's a lot of questions, and thank you both for the prompt replies.

    Ah so it's /kickall ... I'll have to remember that, hopefully that solves the issue, do I also need to type /save-off? because I have done that before but it still loses some data.

    This mostly fixes my problem it seems, all data loss is averted by simply kicking all users turning off save, saving all, and then stopping and restarting the server. Ty for the help
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