CraftBukkit 1.3.1-R1.0 is now available!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Aug 7, 2012.

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    A new CraftBukkit Recommended Build (1.3.1-R1.0) that provides Minecraft 1.3.1 compatibility is now available.

    Important information about this first Recommended Build following a Minecraft update:
    The first Recommended Build, as always, is a slightly more polished development build that we're promoting to a Recommended Build so that people who rely on a Recommended Build being available can try out our development builds and decide if they want to use them.

    Will plugins break with this build?
    Provided the developers of the plugins you are using are keeping up with the development of Bukkit, all your plugins should work fine.

    Download CraftBukkit 1.3.1-R1.0 here
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    I would like to ask to other server admin, beacuse I got a problem =/
    I got a server for my friends and Im running the 1.3 version of bukkit but the strange thing is that nobody can see nobody ._. its weird they all see me they become invisible and my friends cant see each other when they die they can see each other but after a seconds they turn invisible between them.
    If anyone has the same problem help me plz.
    I only have the world edit plugin and essenssial.
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    a lot of my plugins stopped working aqnd some just crash the server completly one of them is ptweaks and chairs and other of the sort. when will there be a new build with less bugs?
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    This craftbukkit came out on my birthday!!
  5. Well...thank you, you lot for your posts.

    I think I'll extend some patience and wait for a little longer before using this version.
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    I have the issue without any mods -.-

    1.3 is stoping fast movers, flying and eating. Stuff i did before without an issue.
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    My world(s) are taking forever to load 0_0 , but thanks for bringing out the recommended build!
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    1.3.1 is SO good.
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    ptweaks and mobdiguise dont work :(
    but still epic work!
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    I'm pretty sure Bukkit team pulled out all performance they could with the crappy 1.3.1 release they received. I've always kept back from posting but I've been running all of the Bukkit builds as they came one by one, each build providing more and more stability. Of course it's nowhere near 1.2.5, I'm glad I know jack shit about coding because I can imagine Minecraft code being a complete mess at this point merging SP and MP together.

    Some people are too **** to even understand what EvilSeph was saying with try Vanilla minecraft, even singleplayer runs like shit at the moment.. just all be patient for 1.3.2 bug/performance fix. I think a lot of the current bugs and performance is far beyond Bukkit's limits. Looking forward to 1.3.2 and Bukkit doin another outstanding job on it!
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    DiguiseCraft and nolagg?
  13. had a lot of complaining from my friends who accidently updated their minecraft client. I dont know how much times I had to forward the link of a clean 1.2.5 jar . Gonna be working on updating the server this week YAY :cool:
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    They just announced it yesterday. These things take time. As always, with every other ETA we've ever provided:
    "It will be ready as soon as it is ready."
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    Hi. We're having an issue of chests/furnaces saving.

    It seems like when a player goes away from a chunk and it hasn't saved (Server is saving every 5 minutes... Most we can do right now without it lagging a ton) everything they've put into the chest is gone/back where it was beforehand.

    This was happening before with chunks in general (In the 1.3 v), somebody would build a house, do /spawn, come back and it'd be completely gone. (I read somewhere from some random player that this had to do with my view-distance being below 10, I set it to 10 and it is not happening nearly as much, [Im not sure if that's because I changed it to save from 20-30 minutes to 5 though?])

    The lag is happening but it isn't my main concern when players are losing the items they've spent weeks on.

    Please help.
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    i had a though about the performance issue:
    seeing as bukkit uses a single thread, and it only uses 1 core at a time (i think), then it wouldnt matter if you had 10 million cores. what WOULD matter is the clock rate. i run a small 8 slot server on an i5 2500k 4 core @ 4.3GHz. i have zero lagg whatsoever. im not sure if this is accurate, so before anyone starts yelling at me, i will admit i could be wrong.

    so to those with performance issues, what is your cpu clock speed?
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    please make world edit plugin is the plugin im waiting for
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    um why am i unable to use the effects of splash potions on zombies (untested with other mobs)
  20. OFCOURSE IT IS............ You can only hurt Zombies with heal potions :3
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    Uhhh you have a 4.3 GHz that is fast!
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    Sigh, isn't the place to report stuff, go to
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    Are you planning on release a 2nd RB soon, its soo laggy for big servers (over 100 people) but thanks for the effort for releasing an RB ASAP
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    I confirm we are suffering from exactly the same lag problems as almost everyone else seem to be.

    At least NoLagg examine shows that there is a huge amount of chunk generation ongoing, so probably that's where the lag spikes come from (no new information here, sorry).

    Have now updated to build #2335 and disabled snooper option. Will report if we see any improvement in server performance/lag situation.
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    lol i know its fast XD.
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    Will finally be upgrading my server to 1.3 this Saturday.
    Awaiting to see what happens on that front.
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    theres a new update 1.3.2 confirmed by jeb, are you guys gunna update bukkit for 1.3.2 and make it more stable??? please say yes
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    1.3.2 NOW PLS :?
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    Shut the hell up.
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    Here we go again, just stop posting, and when it's on, then come post here saying thanks.
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