CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R3.0 is now available!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, May 25, 2012.

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    This RB screwed over my server. It wiped my worlds empty of everything that I have built in them, it takes at least 3 attempts to log in each time and when it does work it takes easily 4 times longer to log in than it used to. I have daily backups of all my worlds that I tried moving back to but they don't work either. I have tried updating all of my plugins that could be causing problems but that hasn't changed anything. I finally just switched back to R2.0 and the problem hasn't gone away, though I can actually log in to the server now.

    I am not happy with this RB right now. If there's something simple that I'm missing that could help, anyone please let me know.
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    Mine wont let anyone public on please help
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    Here has been my experience with this RB over the past week.

    My server started randomly crashing every 2 hours with NO errors which I thought was extremely odd, so I then went and updated all of my plugins, then removed my plugins one by one to try and find which plugin was doing it and that did not work. Then I made sure my dedicated server wasn't having hardware issues, which it is not.

    Then I even went as far to remove FTP access and mutlicraft access from all of my senior staff to make sure it wasn't been stopped on purpose. I finally then removed all my plugins, started up the server and it still crashes every hour or so.

    I do not know how many people are having this issue but I can confirm it is a problem with the RB.

    Where can I go to report this weird crash?
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    will my nodus client still work with this update?
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    I am too having the same problem but that is because servers are down. Chill. Out.
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    Start by utilizing the Bukkit Help forums. Post as much detail as you can, and show us the logs of your server crashing without plugins. I suspect your world is filled with entities which may be leading to consistent crashing (I know I had that very problem not long ago). Run your world through Minecraft Region Fixer (verbose output to start with) and go from there.
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    This is just a shot in the dark, but is anyone other than me experiencing unusually annoying and frequent block fades as well when placing blocks? In RB #2 This never happened (Though we had a slew of other problems then), and now those previous problems are gone, and now we're having random block fades. Even those placed by WorldEdit which has NEVER happened before. Is this maybe due to the resource usage?
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    • This is not appropriate for this forum
    101 comment :)
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    Horrible release, programmers have gotten lazy. I removed all of my plugins, ALL of them, even started a new world, and I still get crashes every hour with this build. Downgraded and received no problem whatsoever.
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    Can you give a server.log to analyze? Can you provide any information for us to fix? Have you dug through this thread and these forums and looked for a fix to the error? Have you ruled out your hardware being an issue?

    If so, post a thread on the Bukkit Help forums with this compiled information and we can probably help you determine why your server is having issues.
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    Deleted user

    This isn't in the Recommended Builds section :C.
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    No, it sure isn't. That's because has a significantly better, and more accurate changelog than we could hope to compile manually. No reason to use the RB section of the forums, but it remains as a place to find information on previous builds.
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    Deleted user

    Can you still download really old builds, such as #1185?

    Shut up. The Bukkit Team have been working their asses off, and yet you criticize them like they haven't done any coding at all? They sure have done more work in one day than you have in your life.
    The Bukkit Team hardly gets any thanks at all. The only thanks they get is an occasional donation. They don't even get paid for coding CraftBukkit; it's a completely voluntary thing.
    I'm actually surprised that no admins/mods have given you an infraction to offending the developers, but I am in no position to ask for an infraction against you.
    Shut up about the Bukkit Team being lazy. Please.
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    Ops, my mistake. I just had buggy plugin.
    Nice build. :))
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    (kinda off-topic) The amount of idiotic posts in this thread is appalling. And it seems the mods even removed the worst ones. Gotta love dem mods and their unlimited patience regarding imbecility.
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    Awesome! Finaly it will stop those kids duplicating items!
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    Oldest one I see is #01325 (0.0.1) [cake]
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    Deleted user

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    For some reason redstone will not work like it used to.

    Mod Edit (TnT): Removed quoting entire first post.
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    Is there any way someone can break bedrock with use of a hack client?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    If you give them creative mode they can break bedrock. But that's not a hacked client.
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    I'm kinda mad right now.... My plugin HungerArena deals with ArrayLists, and it seems, when a player quits the game it removes them from all arraylists they are in. So say, they do /ha watch, so they're flying around spectating. They leave and then come back, they can then go and kill tributes. I tested this with R1.0 and found that this isn't the case. So if you did anything weird to the PlayerQuitEvent it's messing with my plugin. It makes me sad.... ;( If you could fix this that would be AWESOME! I'm getting many complaints about it.

    EDIT: Did some more testing, it seems like the player is a different player in a way... So in /ha join it says if the player is already playing don't let them back in. But it says they aren't playing so it lets them in. I even did /ha list to see who was "playing" and I was on there once before, did the /ha join again, was on there twice! So it's almost like it's changing the player object when they leave and come back. Just a reminder, this didn't happen with R1.0 Thanks!
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    Server laggs so much and i cant login :(

    18:32:28 [INFO] liamthekid [/1*2.168.*.*:57938] logged in with entity id 1837 at
    ([world] 192.45945046035274, 80.0, -764.0308693473366)
    18:32:28 [INFO] [VanishNoPacket] liamthekid disappeared.
    18:32:33 [INFO] Connection reset
    18:32:33 [INFO] liamthekid lost connection: disconnect.overflow
    18:32:34 [WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server o
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    This is intentional, you were never supposed to store Player objects after the player quits (or ideally at all) but due to a side effect of the implementation it generally worked when you did. We removed the side effect while fixing other issues so now you're seeing this.

    Holding on to Players, Worlds, Locations, etc causes memory leaks and should be avoided at all costs. We're investigating ways to make this not the case but even so we've always said you shouldn't hold on to these things and I doubt your setup will ever work again.
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    I think there is a bug in this build.
    If difficulty=1, you can't spawn monsters using eggs.
    In the R1.0 that was posible, and in the vanilla minecraft server too.
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    Yea i'm having that bug too..
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    difficulty=1 is the default which is how I do all of my testing and I've been doing a lot of testing with eggs lately. They definitely spawn things. I'd say either you've got a plugin blocking you or you've turned off spawn-animals and/or spawn-monsters in your
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    Will all plugins what are 1.2.5 work for this??????????
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

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    Finaly no more duplication! :)
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