craftbook ported yet?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by mrgreaper, Jan 13, 2011.

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    with the demise of hmod( pending word by hey0 as to reather he is going to update it) we are looking harder at bukkit

    after much debate the thing that we hate about vanila is the lack of craftbook, they stated they were going to port to bukkit but cant find info on reather they have or not?
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    Bukkit isn't even released yet. There is only a working preview available which does not have nearly enough hooks which a plugin like craftbook simply needs in order to work. The wait begins..
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    damn with hmod`s uncertain future and bukkit being very young we are truely "living in interesting times"

    not good not good at all
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    thats for sure, all 1.2 servers are vanilla since no plugins work..which means no kicks or bans
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    i`ll be 100% honest here and say even though our server is now at vanila state and playable, i find myself unwilling to play due to the lack of craft book, i had a massive project on the go last night and i cant finish it till craftbook is working that means either hmod being updated (as the hour gets latter and no news comes from hey0 its looking thats unlikely) or it getting ported to bukkit (which doesnt seem likely either)

    hmm perhaps its time to blow the dust off my ps3 lol
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    Looking at the bukkit project I'd say we'll have a to wait a little while to say the least. Or they have heaps of code done and we simply are unaware of it's existence. We're simply building decoration right now in our server, let's see how long that stays fun without the option to add some functionality to it.
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    there are other server wrappers out there, not nearly as good as hMod, or Craftbukkit will be, but for now you can run a server with AT LEAST grief protection. my server is back up using simpleserver

    No plugins, but greif protection works fine.
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    We (as a member of CraftBook team) are working on porting CraftBook.
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    sir i for that news i could kiss you !!!! ... i wont ofcourse.
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    Ah i remember seeing you have giant colored words talking about Bukkit and how Craftbook would be implemented into it...but alas, I went back trying to find details on if you were still porting Craftbook to Bukkit - thanks for the update =)
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    we have lifts that dont work
    arrow traps that fire no arrows
    mine cart mining offloading systems that stand rusting and useless
    secret doors that dont open
    floodgates that stand frozen in time
    pumpkin lighting systems that do not work
    gates that we have had to bash through
    long forgotten secret switchs that gather cobwebs
    nether stone that remains alight
    monster spawners that remain empty

    .... I dont say this to pesture or complain but merely to point out the amazing stuff craftbook gave us, you guys and your plugin are missed, you were the reason we went to hmod late december(unfortunate timing for us lol) even if you are unable to port craftbook i want you to know we all loved your plugin.
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    I would like to second this. CraftBook added some wonderful functionality that our server just isn't quite the same without. Hope you guys are able to get this great plugin ported. [​IMG]
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    Any progress information? Really need the Lifts :D
    (Take it easy, but any progress info would be fine)
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    Still being worked on. Probably 80% there.
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    Keep up the good work! Craftbook is my favorite non-server administration plugin in existence, I hope that it will be as awesome in bukkit as it was on the ill-fated hMod!
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    Can't wait..
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    Thanks alot, thats what i wanted to hear =^.^=
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    His team has been hard at work. If you didn't notice he has already ported early versions of WorldEdit and WorldGuard. Craftbook is just the most complex one. You can rely on sk89q getting out updates with fixes and content often. He did during hm0d's days.
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    I noticed, the only thing i didnt know was how much progress he made with it. Also one thing i know for sure is that sk89q is someone you can count on to 100% . And as a Shinsengumi fan, i realy love his Avatar. <3 <3 <3 =^.^=
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    I was just wondering what the status of this was if you don't mind :). I sort take that jan 1st was pretty much the birth of all this so 80% last sat I would guess it be 100% by now but that is saying 20% per week so maybe by sat but maybe I'm wrong.

    Anyways people telling me a couple weeks at least lol
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    I'm pretty sure Activision-Blizzard owns the trademark on this word, but I'll go ahead and use it anyway.

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    I am also curious.. he has not checked anything in Git since the 4th. I hope all is well.
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